29 July 2007

It's your problem, not mine..

It was a beautiful sunday rainy morning but someone had to spoil it with 'you not gonna do anything and you ask so many questions..you mean you all only sit and wait for pple to return things to you ah'..322 only leh (so much more she said..but let's just leave it at that).

EEEEEEEEEEEE...since when her carelessness becomes my problem..

Reached my boiling point seh!! So the best thing is to say nothing, just smile and keep mum..*zipppp*

27 July 2007

This weekend sucks..

It's gonna be a long long weekend. Morning, morning, night..darn it. Will have to cover for team c because of the ndp thinggy. There goes my off day.

To make it worst, my nap time for today will have to be cut short. PSA badminton tournament later in the afternoon... Can't even enjoy the little time I have left for my beauty sleep. It has to be today of all the days. Shucks....I hope I do not overslept

.. My husband is addicted to that song now.. He will play the song over and over again. He gets so excited and jumpy..

Today, I received an email from a long long lost buddy of mine. Hmm..after so long M.I.A, now he is back. I doubt he even attend my wedding..*cross my arms and sulked*.. You owe me an explanation for that if you didn't.

22 July 2007


All those STOMP posts are getting much on my nerves! 'I pay tax you know', 'I am a tax-paying citizen', 'Wasting of taxpayers money', "You are my servant'..
If all these stompers are Sporeans, geez...am I ashamed to be one.
Extracts from STOMP:
1) 22 Jul, 2007
".......I do get cheesed off with such complaints. Imagine you are standing there ........someone comes to you and says... "you are a public servant, I am member of public, so that makes you my servant!" Would you not get sick of these rubbish if it was you? When someone suggested that public officers are also tax-payers, someone actually demanded, "I don''t believe! Prove to me with your income slip" Duhzzz like I have to report my income to a stranger!? Believe it or not, this is how ridiculous some Singaporeans are. But will they admit it? I don''t think so. They are so obsessed with pointing 10 fingers out and left with no fingers to point at themselves."
2)21 Jul, 2007
"Does these civil servants deserve their recently revised upward salary? wasting the taxpayer money."
3)21 July 2007
"So, if the police won't act, who can the taxpaying-citizen in such a quandary turn to for help?"
The butt of the joke, that's what we are and have become..What a pity.

18 July 2007

Weird dream it was

Weird..I dreamt of someone whom I had never met face to face. I only knew her through her photos that were published online. It felt so real...like I had known her for a long long time and in the dream, I could really feel her. There seemed to be a connection. How uncanny..

I told her that I had a dream about her..I just had to, not knowing if it was a good move or not. I don't know how she would react though. She may think I am wacky or something. But don't worry dear, it was a good kind of dream. Nothing evil or even RA for that matter (just for the record, i am a perfectly straight person..not a lesbo).

14 July 2007

Let's play catching

Yesterday morning, got up from bed and my body was aching all over..from the so-called 'short run' during in-svc on thurs. I walked funny cos my thigh aches the most. So told boon, 'Today no chasing ha. Only if a dog runs after me, then I will run.' But due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to 'eat back' those words. It was 'police catch thief' day. We ended up playing 'catching'. Just a short one coz the thief was lousy. Or maybe..we are just too good! So bla bla bla bla bla bla.. THE END. Haha.. Yay!

It's Friday the 13th yesterday..it's just wasn't his day. Lucky for me I didn't fracture my ankle this time...De Ja Vu

I got to know that Kak Nazreen sms-ed to my hubby telling him how superb I was. SUPERB!! My hubby's reply was simply, 'Kata Mrs Champ..' (tak sia sia jadi keturunan champ)..

Now my body aches more...worst **Ayang, nak massage!

10 July 2007

Blissful Day

Am I glad that my bonuses for this month were not withheld. Finally..can heave a sigh of relief. No, the case is not over yet but it certainly is nice to have a taste of the monetary rewards. Afterall, I have not been KENG-ing. At the very least, a burden off my shoulder. I need not worry about making my car insurance and road tax payment this coming August. Phew.. Count my lucky stars. I need only save up for the coming Raya.
So it is time..for rebonding, soft straight or what have they. Thinking of cutting my hair short or about shoulder level now. Afterall, I have been tightening my waist and not been shopping for the past 4 months. I find that I am more discipline in saving money now. But...being a woman, I tell you ah..What a torture it was! It was mentally and physically straining, really! I am going for a new look!
Having gotten the bonuses and all, it was all positive at work last night. After 4 days off, I finally returned to work. Still recovering from my fever but with a slight smile on my face. The shift wasn't so bad at the counter. My mouth just couldn't stop blabbering. Don't know why. Must be the medicine side effects..hee. Tortured fauzi as always, coz I didn't allow him to rest (he hates it if the deployment is as such that I am the counter officer and he is the sentry..haha..but i like) Bad me.. Overall, it was an excellent day except that there were numerous phone calls (trut trut trut..trut trut trut..how i hate that sound). I hate telephones..
So for now, I am not a damsel in distress...

No reunion dinner

My poly classmates are organising a dinner this friday and I CANT GO.. Waaaahh..So disapppointing. And all because I have to work. I report off at 8pm leh..How to join you all!! Aiya, I never get to join any of the gatherings. I hate my job.
*sulking**crossing my arms*

09 July 2007

No point

Today will be my last day of sick leave and i am kind of sick doing nothing. This is all that i have to keep me company.

Browsing thru some of my frenz profiles, it seems that most of my poly frenz are either in uni or graduated from uni. Some have even completed their ACCA studies. Realisation point for me..I am such a bummer.. ! Gosh.. If only i had paid more attention during lectures and tutorials back then. I might be just like them now..Imagine me in let say..IRAS? or maybe the big 4 accounting firms..Ernst & Young? Pricewaterhouse Coopers? KPMG? Deloitte & Touche? Waaaahhh! Instead i have to smile here, smile there, carry balls here, carry balls there, yes sir, yes maam, to all those frigging annoying pple. You stupid pple. Too late for regrets now..

And one more thing..i really hate this 'STOMP' thinggy!!! Who in the hell came up with this stupid idea anyway. Some of the posts are just so uncalled for. Ridiculous...It shows the level of immaturity and senselessness of Sporeans..I am ashamed.

07 July 2007

Sickly Friday

Been stuck to my bed since Friday due to fever. Doc said i had viral infection and told me to watch out for dengue symptons. Keep observation he said..afterall Dr 6 fish pond is about 400m away. Well, so far so good. But I am still feeling weak..headaches and body pain. But no red spots!
To make things worst, I have to spend my weekend off watching the so called 'Live Earth' concert. Damn..There's no other programmes to watch on tv. That concert is like neverending. I simply don't understand it what way this concert will help. 'Awareness'?? I don't think so..
Go green people.. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.. I do help contribute to a micro part of this. Love Mother Nature before it turns against you.