31 August 2007


Peepsy, I am sick..again. The flu..again. Hey its not fair! I cant be sick on my birthday..again. ~what the fish
Getting my house keys tomorrow!

27 August 2007

You have stepped on my foot

Damn shit you.. I declare war between us. Get this you and I are only colleagues, maybe not even that. Shit you.
How dare you! I was not even part of the conversation so why drag me in. You have the guts to even suggest to him to say that cibai word to me..to my face. Its not funny even if you meant it as a joke!
Would you have liked it if I were to direct that to your girlfriend? You stupid insensitive fool. What a waste..degree my foot!
No sorry no nothing. Now it's too late. I am not being petty. You are being insensitive. Don't ever speak to me again..You have insulted me..

17 August 2007


The weather today is great..the only not-so-great thing about it is that, I end up having to..open, close, open, close - the windows la coz it rains heavy, then it stops, rains heavy again, then stop..
Its Saturday tomorrow but I am not jumping and celebrating because 'TGIF' thinggy doesnt apply to me. Working tomorrow..and Sunday too.. but look on the bright side! No Monday blues for me!!! *shucks RC meeting on Monday! Darn*
I had both my chevy and my N73 serviced on Tuesday. My chevy is due for servicing while my N73 is giving me problems and I wanted to have the software upgraded.
The engine runs much smoother now that the engine oil had been replaced. Ayang told them to use the engine oil that he had purchased on his own. He didnt want to use the engine oil provided there (coz it kind of sux..oh well)..but extra charges applies.. The chevy is all well now.
My phone is still stucked at the Nokia Centre. Supposed to collect it today but received a call from them saying that it will not be ready. So gotta wait..
A lady called me up earlier telling me that they are having an offer on makeover or stuff like that. I wasnt paying attention..she was telling me that she can slot me in on this date, that date la.. So what did I do..I switched off the phone! Marvellous (it does feel good to be bad sometimes)... I made a check on the yellowpages to check on which company she was from - SNAPZ Pte Ltd. Wait a minute..how in the world did she get my handphone number..come to think of it, she even knew my name!! Fishy..fishy...
The hearing for today had been adjourned..Wahlau eh..Our torture could have been over by now, but no..he had to adjourn it to 27th. I hate you!
Yeah..received the cheque for the $65/- refund yesterday for the blunder that I made while purchasing the season parking online. I am 65 bucks richer now.. BUTTTT... my mum just passed me my handphone bill. Wahlau eh.. $100 plus!! Why my bill so high!! There goes my 65 bucks.. :(
I am lazy to go jogging today. With this kind of weather, I m better off lazying around in my big comfy bed..No harm resting a day or two..

15 August 2007

Test Test Test

IPPT next month, Shooting next month...Aarrghh..*stressstress*

I went jogging yesterday to gauge my fitness level..to see how much my timing have deteriorated after a few months of junking and lazying. Hey, I'm surprised.. still not bad for a start..within 13 minutes or so range.

I jogged alone..coz my now-so-lazy hubby, who has not learnt his lesson even after failing, didnt want to jog. Pain la, aching la..Excuses! So when I reached home, I purposely wanted to make him feel bad and useless (i am such a good wife). I told him, "You are such a disgrace. My timing was better than yours.."..hee..

He ah..always playing around..the chopper la, remote control car la. Never listen to the wife...In the end fail..

14 August 2007

She appeared in my dreams

Dreamt of my late grandmum dearest a few days back. In the dream, she told me not to worry and that she is very happy. She'll be in heaven and will be waiting for her children and grandchildren when the time comes. She miss us all but she will look over us... Before she disappeared from my dream, she *smiled*...a smile that I have longed to see..

13 August 2007

IPPT Upset

Today was IPPT day..recovering from flu, so I just laid back and cheered on my hubby. He?..slacked to the max! I just felt like running up to him and giving him a push!! (see...ajak gie jogging takmu kan)

Year 2007..the passing rate? *oh my gawd*! No wonder all the bad people managed to get away... Not many passes especially so with the tagging now. Can't 'play cheat' anymore.. Hee..

I have a month to practice before the next round of IPPT. Have to pass..have to pass..a silver would be good, a gold..marvellous! 6 rounds..time to train..*my butt is expanding*

05 August 2007

Work Schedule

Its going to be few long hectic weeks..*sigh* I hate to work..

Mon: Shift 1
Tues: PSA Badminton Finals, Shift 2
Wed: Off Day
Thurs: Shift 1
Fri: Shift 1S
at: Shift 2
Sun: Off Day
Mon: In-Service (IPPT)
Tues: Shift 1
Wed: Shift 2
Thurs: Off Day
Fri: PDB
Sat: Shift 1
Sun: Shift 2
Mon: RC Meeting
Tues: Off Day

*Babez lets meet up after these few weeks of torture are over ok..

02 August 2007


Yeah...*starjumps*..I shall be getting my 65 bucks refund!! *marvellous*!

Dear Ms Seri Rahayu

Re: HDB Season Parking, ENets

We refer to your email of 1 Aug 07.
2. As you have made a double payment of $65.00 for renewal of season parking ticket on 01.8.07, we will refund the excess amount to you.
3. The amount will be refunded to you in cheque within two weeks.

You Stupid Driver

I am not the type of person who would horn unnecessarily (unlike a Mr Ho that I know). So when I do, then you must have been a really bad driver.

Just now, I just teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ( a long horn that is), to a fat bastard driver. Yes, he did signal to change lane but there was no way that I could give way to him (even if I want to) coz my car was already 1/3 side by side with his. Yet, this stupid driver continued to change lane. You bad driver. I doubt you even checked your blind spot. All he wanted was to overtake the lorry in front of him. When I managed to bypass his car, I glanced at him but he didnt dare to even look at me (no balls is it?). So ANGRY!!!

Just because you signalled doesnt mean that you have the right of way you know. It is only to alert the other drivers of your intention. You are not the king of the road!!!

I pay road tax too..(hee just felt like saying it)..

01 August 2007

I like green now

I dont want to be man in blue anymore. I want to be man in green. Serious! Hee.. Yes I am crazy.. I hate being in blue to the max now. Looking for OUT.. And green is the way to go. Haha.. Crazy me? Or maybe just confused...

I made a loss of $65

I am pissed. I am paying $130/- for a $65/- worth of season parking. Drats.. What happened was, I had wanted to renew my season parking. As it was already the 31st, I thought ok la, do it online (lazy to go to AXS/SAM machine lah). So bla bla bla...After attempting to make payment, I received a message which read 'ENETS was unable to serve you at the moment'. Thinking that there might be an error and that the transaction didnt go through, I repeated the steps again and attempted to make payment. But then, the same message appeared. Except that this time, I received another pop-up message, which I didn't receive earlier. This time it stated 'Do not reattempt to make payment.' Wahlau..which meant that the first transaction did go through. Fearing the worst, I checked my bank statement online and shucks..I made double payment!!!! wtf..
So for a menial $65/-, I contacted ENETS, HDB and DBS with regards to my problem. HDB replied to me stating that from their records, only $65/- was deducted. The officer advised me to re-check my bank statement again. I did so and it appeared that $130/- was indeed deducted. *Crushed to pieces*.
DBS told me they cant do anything since I had 'authorised' the transaction and told me to liaise with the merchant (ENETS) for refund instead.
Not sure if that is even possible but no choice so..I contacted HDB and ENETS again and now awating their reply..*cross my fingers*($65/- leh..)..*heart pain many many**sigh*