27 September 2007

Good News!!

Today is the 16th day of fasting.. It sure does pass very quickly. I must admit that I have gained weight slightly during the past few months. But ever since then, I have lost 1 kg. Success...
Went for my shooting (re-test la) today. I am impressed with myself that I actually passed. Knowing myself, I wasn't hard up to get 'marksman' scores (afterall it's a re-test). So the scores were good enough for me - at least it wasn't borderline a score (like I always get). I kind of flunked on my basic shoot - a pathetic 9 IN 7 OUT, but I managed to pull myself back during the realistic shoot - 22 IN 5 OUT.. which makes it a total of 74/100. Not bad for a bo-bo shooter like me. It sure feels good to pass.. Ya be da be do..free ice milo coming right up for me!
Arrangements have been made for the coming raya. No balloting this time round. Some of the alpha malay officers would be swopping shifts with some of the delta officers. Meaning we would have to work on the 11th (night) instead of 13th. So another round of morning, night, night for us. Wah it sure sucks to have to work on first day of raya...morning shift some more. No promises for the second day of raya though.

24 September 2007

Sucky, Pissy

It sucks to fail, but i am immune to it. Nothing new : ) My hand still hurts from the impact.

News has it that the $230/- Flexi Benefit has been cancelled..wat leh. Although it hasnt been announced officially, a trusted source had confirmed it - CANCELLED!!! *Pissed* How can...

13 September 2007


Photos of my matrimonial home had been uploaded at my Multiply site. If you want to have a peek or kepo-kepo also can (typical Sporeans la), you may visit my site at http://seri2358.multiply.com/. The pictures were taken on the day of handover...so everything is of its original state. A bit messy, dirty, damaged here and there.
A long list of things need to be done.
(1) Paint walls (2) Renovate toilets - kitchen, masterbedroom (3) Replace folding door/sliding door - study room/kitchen(4) Hack built-in cabinet and wardrobe - masterbedroom, study room(5) Install new wardrobe - masterbedroom(6) Fix lightings - living room, masterbedroom toilet, balcony, storeroom(7) Buy chandelier - dining area(8) Renovate part of kitchen cabinets (wherever necessary)(9) Install showcase cabinet/daybed? - study room(10) Clean the flooring(11) Check the wiring and re-wire if necessary(12) Check and repair if necessary - air-conditioner and remote control, oven(13) Change cooking hob and wash basin?(14) Install mirrors - living room(15) Take measurements - fridge, washing machine, wardrobe

06 September 2007

Money is never enough - handle it well

The course that I attended earlier today was...*WOW*.. damn interesting man. Peeps..its an IPAM course - Smart Money - Ratings: ***** (very highly recommended by me!! go for it) The speaker's explanation was plain and simple, so easy to understand. I told yan chong, "If only my lecturers back in poly were this good in explaining, I could have really be an accountant now..shucks". Its about managing your finances, planning for your future, investments etc. I always thought such course dont really help but geez was I wrong. It really helps to open your eyes up to how much you really need when you retire - depends on how you want to live life that is eg; basic, luxurious etc. *David you should attend this course!!!!!* I am going to relook into my finance..Terribly in need of this..