27 September 2007

Good News!!

Today is the 16th day of fasting.. It sure does pass very quickly. I must admit that I have gained weight slightly during the past few months. But ever since then, I have lost 1 kg. Success...
Went for my shooting (re-test la) today. I am impressed with myself that I actually passed. Knowing myself, I wasn't hard up to get 'marksman' scores (afterall it's a re-test). So the scores were good enough for me - at least it wasn't borderline a score (like I always get). I kind of flunked on my basic shoot - a pathetic 9 IN 7 OUT, but I managed to pull myself back during the realistic shoot - 22 IN 5 OUT.. which makes it a total of 74/100. Not bad for a bo-bo shooter like me. It sure feels good to pass.. Ya be da be do..free ice milo coming right up for me!
Arrangements have been made for the coming raya. No balloting this time round. Some of the alpha malay officers would be swopping shifts with some of the delta officers. Meaning we would have to work on the 11th (night) instead of 13th. So another round of morning, night, night for us. Wah it sure sucks to have to work on first day of raya...morning shift some more. No promises for the second day of raya though.

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