06 September 2007

Money is never enough - handle it well

The course that I attended earlier today was...*WOW*.. damn interesting man. Peeps..its an IPAM course - Smart Money - Ratings: ***** (very highly recommended by me!! go for it) The speaker's explanation was plain and simple, so easy to understand. I told yan chong, "If only my lecturers back in poly were this good in explaining, I could have really be an accountant now..shucks". Its about managing your finances, planning for your future, investments etc. I always thought such course dont really help but geez was I wrong. It really helps to open your eyes up to how much you really need when you retire - depends on how you want to live life that is eg; basic, luxurious etc. *David you should attend this course!!!!!* I am going to relook into my finance..Terribly in need of this..

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