13 September 2007


Photos of my matrimonial home had been uploaded at my Multiply site. If you want to have a peek or kepo-kepo also can (typical Sporeans la), you may visit my site at http://seri2358.multiply.com/. The pictures were taken on the day of handover...so everything is of its original state. A bit messy, dirty, damaged here and there.
A long list of things need to be done.
(1) Paint walls (2) Renovate toilets - kitchen, masterbedroom (3) Replace folding door/sliding door - study room/kitchen(4) Hack built-in cabinet and wardrobe - masterbedroom, study room(5) Install new wardrobe - masterbedroom(6) Fix lightings - living room, masterbedroom toilet, balcony, storeroom(7) Buy chandelier - dining area(8) Renovate part of kitchen cabinets (wherever necessary)(9) Install showcase cabinet/daybed? - study room(10) Clean the flooring(11) Check the wiring and re-wire if necessary(12) Check and repair if necessary - air-conditioner and remote control, oven(13) Change cooking hob and wash basin?(14) Install mirrors - living room(15) Take measurements - fridge, washing machine, wardrobe

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