30 October 2007

Never-ending Tests

I thought that tests are only for students! But no...seems not.
Early tomorrow morning - physical test. Yup, no more escaping for me! I have ran out of excuses to give..heee..IPPT test tomorrow..What bad timing! I just recovered from the recent 5km x-country run leh..unfair
And after that, MCQ test. I hate taking this kind of test, especially so when I need to rack my brain (lucky MCQ, at least can tikam-tikam when unsure). To make it worst, we are being 'threatened' that if we do not pass, we will have to re-take the test..on our OFF DAY somemore!! what the fish....they so so love making things complicated for us. Bad bad people..
I am only looking forward for the OHS!!! Time to write about my grievances, unhappiness, dissatisfaction....bla bla bla... Give it to me!
Eh eh...the programme stated that there is defense tactic recertification - how come TL never brief?? or is it that I wasn't the one listening..haahaa..one ear in, one ear out!

27 October 2007

Over the limit

Sum pee-per ah...jaz sho dezef a.......box-in-the-face treatment. Tot he sho sho goot meh? If sho, vhy ish it dat many many pee-per dish-laik him sho? Shamting mush bee rong wif him wat, jaz dat he never realais. Pelees la..yu shud jaz go..
Big drama at werk lash nait...a war jaz wei ting tu happen. *Sai*. Let the war bee gin!

23 October 2007

18 October 2007

Irritating Phonecalls

I received a no-number-display call (ie overseas call) on my handphone about 10 minutes ago. "Wei..wo shi.."...before she could continue, I..*toot*toot*..I hanged up the call. Y? Very-the-obvious it was a scam call..yes..no need to waste your breathe on me coz I very well know what you want to say (how I know? ahhh...speaking from experience - job hazard). Win lucky draw/lottery/toto my foot! Stupid so-and-so..I would only believe you if you hand deliver the cash to me now, without asking for my name, nric and bank account number! I NOT STUPID!
Since yesterday, I have been receiving phone calls from a 'private' number. When I answered the call, there were silence.. There are 2 ways to look at it. One - I have a secret admirer who is just too paiseh to voice out. Two - It was a prank call from someone who has too much free time to waste *that someone jolly well deserves an f*** o** from me* . This is not the time to mess around with me - not when I have not slept for the past 15 hours and...counting.(but speaking from experience, once again job hazard, it's defintely option number two).
By the way peesy, there is a new scam invented by i-don't-know-who-but-i-wonder-who..(i have yet to receive a call with regards to that though)..how I know, what else?..speaking from experiece - job hazard.If you receive a call from someone claiming they are from court (as in sub court), beware..once they start to ask for your name, nric and even bank account for that matter. I do not know what their intentions are but don't be fooled!

16 October 2007


The most dreaded question had been popped!!..
- Bila lagi? - Dah ke belum?- Tak nak ke?
Do not only ask me...ask him too... Alaiiiii save me...

14 October 2007


2003 - silver
2004 - yellow
2005 - white
2006 - blue
2007 - green
2008 - red??

12 October 2007

Job Application 1

I am suprised that I have been shortlisted for my recent job application with MFA. I was expecting to be rejected, full stop. This shows that they are willing to, at least, consider me as a potential candidate..

It sure doesn't look that simple coz it involves 2 stages. This is only Stage 1, which comprises of tests - (1) writing skills test, (2) logistic skills test (help me - i don't even know what this means!!), (3) situational judgement test and (4) personality test.

The question is...should I, should I not. I have been scheduled for the test on this coming 17th (doubt I can make it for that day coz it's my morning shift).

09 October 2007

Cherish Me

Some are for it..some are against it..some just don't believe it..Hey, I am serious about quitting oh dearest people!
I am gonna be missed after I quit hehe *shameless*.. No one to do your shift work plan for you, to help you do this la, do that la, no more, Seri this, Seri that..ha.. KF, time to find another deployment assistant and another PLO. When I leave, someone else can takeover all these shit from me. Wah...soon to be...free (wonder when that will be)..
So treasure me people..hahahahaha...

05 October 2007

Job Hunt

180, 5 + 3..how i hate those numbers.. but work still has to go on . But definitely not for long.

This time, I am going to QUIT, for real. However it depends on whether the outside world is willing to accept me in. Afterall, my diploma is now 5 yrs of age and I am not sure if my 5 years of experience in XXX will come in handy.

It's a waste though to leave. I love my team, my colleagues..but welfare wise. Sigh..