27 November 2007


Since that day when I fell ill and until today...there has been some kind of 'pressure' in my ears, causing me to be deaf in either one of my ears. I asked the doctor before about this 'pressure-like' thing and he said it's due to the flu. So if you are talking to me and there seems to be no response from me,try the other ear.. : )

08 November 2007

Life Updates

I am slowly recovering from my illness. Been sick for the past 6 days. I am starting to think that my immune system is deteriorating and that my body army generals are weakening. Eh..you all wake up leh. Don't always make me fall sick can anot.
My wish to quit by next year..has yet to be fulfilled. Been too busy with my CURRENT job, to be looking for a NEW job. I didn't go for the interview with MFA that day due to CURRENT work commitments. What a waste!
I won't be getting my NOV bonus in NOV but will be getting it in DEC together with my DEC bonus. WOW! $$$$$$
We are nearly done painting the house. So cool...no wonder they say that you can feel the satisfaction if you were to do it yourself. Only left with the balcony (a bit more), study room (a bit more) and master bedroom (many many more). Next shall be getting a contractor to change the sliding door and get other essentials. By then, will be broke again..hee..so save save save, and by end of Dec, it's time to fix the kitchen and the toilets and be broke again. Can't we ever be rich..? (pics will be up in my Multiply account soon)

01 November 2007

Silver Lining

Now that Kung Fu is back from his 2 weeks leave, I can push back all the bulk to him. *thumbs up!* No more worring about planning the roster, no more morning calls or sms-es from the others, no more monitoring of leave or even MCs! All these extra extra work should let those with high high CEP do la, not a lowly graded, condemed person like me do..It won't do any good even for my SAR, for the next 5 years.
Hahahahahahaha TJ!!! You have been saboed..by US! Your secret is out! And don't you dare say that we are making things up okay..coz you! you yourself declare that... Hehehe.. no need to be embarass la..haha. You know I know lah...
I have yet to do the OHS, something that I have been waiting for. Because it was done while some of us were away taking our IPPT *sucks*. Talking of which, I passed my IPPT! The timing I find was quite a letdown coz I know that I can do better, in fact I had done better before. This year, a silver for me. Not so bad lah despite the lack of training and the fact that I rarely jog these day and most importantly despite the fact that many failed. Haha.. Oh yes..The weather was extremely crazy..We ran under the 10am morning sun. Crazy! And the wind..the wind (at the stretch nearing to the starting/finishing) just had to blow against the direction of the run, which of course makes it more difficult to run. No RT for me people... Next year, I shall get back my gold!