30 December 2007

Adzilla Big Day

After night shift...Tired....Sleep...I wish..
It's Adziee wedding and I can't miss it.
Made a promise to be present and I can't break it.

So managed to get myself an hour winky before driving down to Tampines St 22 to meet up with the other peeps. Had to go slow due to the lack of sleep and was just in time to see the ever so gorgeous Adziee before she and hubby left for the groom side.

Got to meet my other bunk peepsy..Jiayi, Jasmine & Julieana. Missed out on Kaya though. I think she left before I reached. Oh well... And of course, my already-aging OC Squad, Karem and mum-to-be, Ruvee. The tiredness could be seen from my expression..but hey I am happy that I am finally able to see them. Missed them so so so...

22 December 2007

Childhood Song

Found this on YouTube. Cute song. Annissa and I used to sing this song in secondary school..

Found another version of the song sang by some ladies. Very uplifting version..I like!

17 December 2007

One picture, many stories

The weather has been blazing hot..each time during our shift. May there may showers later at night..so all the MOPs will sleep in peace and not bother me..hmm..us..ok la..we.. *star light star bright first star i see tonight wish i may wish i might have the wish i wish tonight**blows*

Sad but true (pic extracted from *no idea where*)
As such is the fate of a particular nation and these are (real) concerns that need our utmost (immediate) attention. Not noise pollution this la that la la bla bla bla - You should be ashamed of yourselves people.

This is the reason why you can sleep peacefully at night..
But not a bit appreciated.

I asked for nasi goreng ikan bilis but I certainly did not expect this... *bahasa menunjukkan bangsa* (anyway ini mama macam tahu tahu je I like ikan bilis)

16 December 2007

My Asian Idol

An unexpected twist..Hady Mirza (winner of the 2nd season of Spore Idol - Muhammad Mirzahady Bin Amir) won the ASIAN IDOL!! Yay!! 3 cheers for Hady. I must admit that before the winner was announced during the result show, I was rather determined that Hady might not win simply because he was not one the hot favs or rather the judges fav (so it seems from the evaluation given by them).

During the performance show, I so so fell in love with the first song that he sang ("Berserah") . As for the second song ("Beautiful Day"), I thought that he could have done better. Anyways, overall he is still my Spore IDOL..: "You sound like a singer, you look like a winner".."You are a true Spore Idol"..no matter what others may say..afterall to each his own (just like me, I ain't a Siti fan..period!)

14 December 2007

Ipen's Last Night As A Bachelor (14.12.07)

My cousin, Ipen (Ariffin) singing JUJUR by RADJA. Just managed to catch the last few lines of him singing on my N73. The earlier part is in my digicam but it is like a 'silent movie' coz the camera has no mic..

Enjoy your last night as a bachelor. Congrats..and Selamat Pengantin Baru!

13 December 2007

Dirty Laundry

Good news..HE is finally moving on to another team. Not sure if it is just temporarily or on a permanent basis. Either way, good riddance....very very goold riddance..or maybe just for now. Cannot tahan with his so-called always being the victim. Cheh...

Always come late, never lift a finger to do anything..still can get his so called PB (claims he has high CEP - ha don't make me laugh). Has a degree..but so what (there are thousands and thousands others out there who do too!!!).

Hope you hate me to pieces when I purposely hinted all these out loud while conversing with moustachio last night. Got rank, got biscuit does not mean you are BIG. To me you are still a tango 2..

Just too bad AK is not TL D!

03 December 2007

Obituaries - Rakinah Bte Mohd Jailani

Thursday, 29th November 2007, marks the day when my 16 yr old cousin passed away.

Cousin, you will be missed.

My heart goes out to my uncle and family. My deepest condolences.


**Cherish your loved ones before it's too late**Kiss them, hug them and show them that you care**