30 January 2008

Wild Wild West (29.01.08)

This year D&D was a rush for me..or team A for that matter coz it was held on the day that we were on morning shift. Although we were given the green light to be released 2hrs earlier of the reporting time (meaning team C had to report earlier...poor charlie..), there was still not enough time to doll up and look pretty..hee..Had to wash up and get changed at work and then fecth Ayang.

Strangely there was no traffic jam along the way and getting a carpark lot was a breeze. By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already 2000hrs. A bit later and we could have been locked out because the commander speech was about to start then. By the way...hotel pick for this year D&D...The Meritus Mandarin Hotel. A bit crampy I find and the seats that we got..Table 75..was at the right side corner of the room, which means we can only see the the left side of the stage. What a strain...And worst of all the speaker was right behind us..

But I enjoyed the performance. It was hell lot of fun..although we did not win anyting.. Not even the last prize of the lucky draw. Nasrun was very sporting and spontaneous...when he volunteered to go up on stage and the act that he put up..it was funny.. Nasrun..that clown or rather 'Chief One Stick Three Balls'..hee. The one who never act his age. The other performance with the horse..cow..coconut tree..villain..hero..maiden..it was cute too..how the cow mooos and how the horse gallops and neighs..

The food...didn't quite enjoy it. Not that because it is not nice...But because of my tooth that hurts, but that is another story.

The whole event ended about 11plus or so..No time to hang around for we have to work the next day. Work always spoil the fun doesn't it.

27 January 2008

Lucky him

I only managed to win a $20 worth of alarm clock during the last division trip lucky draw...but my elder brother won something worth much much much much more in an M1 lucky draw this month...He is gonna be so OKB...How come I never have such luck. The most expensive prize that I had ever won was donkey years back when I received a pair of tickets to watch Miss Saigon theater performance. Lucky lucky him....

22 January 2008

We are 2 years old!

It's our 2nd anniversary today!

20 January 2008

KL Trip (18.01.08 to 20.01.08)

Departed for KL on 18.01.08..organised by the division. It was neither extraordinary nor boring. This is the 3rd time that the division had organised trips to KL. 18th Jan 08, 4 buses convoyed to KL.

Before checking into the hotel, we went for lunch. The lunch there was nice, a lot of varieties to choose from. But the place was kind of small to accomodate hundreds of us. A lucky draw was conducted at the restaurant. And my name was picked!! - but for a mere $20 worth of alarm clock. Pathetic isn't it.....

We then visted the Chocolate Boutique..where all the chocolate there cost a bomb. Afterwhich, we headed to take a ride up the KL Ferris Wheel..The Eye...which was absolutely capital B O R I N G. There was no view to begin with although there was a lake near it. We didn't have to chalk up any $$, so what the heck. Instead of enjoying the view, the 6 of us...comprising of 3 married couples, ended up shifting around the seats, taking photos of ourselves.

What I love best during the trip was SHOPPING!!!!! Bought for myself 3 pairs of flip flops, 3 belts, 2 sweaters, 1 polo T-shirt, 1 T-shirt, 1 sleeveless shirt & 2 bags. I am a bag and flip-flop fanatic...

12 January 2008

Ayang's Birthday

Ayang celebrated his last 20's yesterday... Turning BIG 30 next year.

Bought him a PSP...or rather he bought it himself and I paid for it. : ) Considered it a 2 in 1 present (Birthday cum Anniversary)..so kill 2 birds with one stone. Smart ain't I..?
Had the cake-cutting at our home, which is by the way, nearly done. Only left with Ah-Tak, who is my father' contractor, to start with his. He said that he was busy with his other jobs, so we are left with umm nothing ready. Ah-Tak!!!!!! Got to get my father to push him...
Anyway, wanted to make a reservation at Carousel for his dinner treat, but it was fully booked. So had to settle with the 2nd best choice, which was at Straits Kitchen. Nice ambience...I was even people-watching. There was this customer who was organising a company function thing. She wasn't satisfied with the seating arrangement that was reserved for her and wanted this other particular one. When told that those are already reserved for another group, she gave the said person attending to her a F look. Sporeans....Losers...

03 January 2008

Move On

Just accept it and get on with life. When people do not like you, obviously you do not expect them to sing praises of you. Get this straight...you are in my 'THE LIST'..