28 February 2008

Sports Day '08

TM NPC rocks during today's sports day.. We won the Team Trophy....having beaten GL NPC which was neck to neck with us in the beginning.

Just like in my secondary shool days, I participated in the 100m event...my ever most loved event. It was ackward, having not participated in such race since 10 years ago. Can make it or not....I wonder...hey but in the end, I triumph..Gold medal for me! I was first!

Ayang managed to attain 2 bronze medals - 1oom and 200m. No need to guess who was his biggest supporter....one crazy woman screaming and jumping up and down at the spectator stand - M E...

16 February 2008


Just to share some videos which I had extracted from YouTube about Singapore..
My homeland...love the country hate the people..

Title: I live in Singapore

Title: Dick Lee - Count On Me Singapore

13 February 2008

Team Alpha In-Service - Mount Faber (13.02.08)

2nd half of in-service today, we were divided into groups and told to make our own way to Mount Faber. It's team bonding time..and to sum it all up = clues+games+cable car ride+home made video+pictures.

(more pictures in my Multiply site - http://seri2358.multiply.com/)