27 March 2008


  1. Yea..we won 3rd placing in yesterday's badminton inter npc tournament! My body is aching now.
  2. PB is out...don't ask me how much I got. I am happy to receive it but I am not happy because it is pathetic. But then again, have to be grateful...something is better than nothing, especially when I expected a zilch.
  3. I need to complete my E-test soon and to finish up my IP.
  4. I need to do some grocery shopping today...and yes...today. No more procrastinating. *Grocery shopping done*
  5. I need to pay my in-laws a visit. I have not seen them for the past hmm..a week or plus plus I think.
  6. I miss my late grandmum.
  7. I still have yet to quit and I wonder why.
  8. Why do I only have 2 best friends left...?
  9. Happy advance 1st birthday to Aqil...speaking of which, I need to get a present. Sorry to Aqil's mother coz I will not be able to attend his birthday celebration. *Present hunting completed*
  10. That means, I need to go grocery shopping AND also present hunting. In comes the money, out goes the money. No wonder I can never get rich. *Settled*
  11. I need to plan for my holiday soon.
  12. I am picking up a hobby for myself. *I think I know what I am going to pick up*
  13. I feel like going for baking classes, just for the fun of it..maybe get my girls to join along. Brings me back to the time during Homec lessons last time.
  14. Need to get another contractor to give me a quotation for the renovation. Dad wants to compare the cost between 2 or 3 contractors first before finalising, which means I still have to wait and wait... **Now dad decided to do away with the comparison thinggy. So next, we shall have to fix an appointment with this contractor for the design.
  15. Current pics of my home...only the living room...the others still pending renovation.

19 March 2008

Just Another Scam

I am supposed to be doing so work stuff while waiting for the laundry to complete its spinning cycle, but the internet got the better of me. I am an internet addict..well not really. Just that I find it a must to at least have my email account checked and also browse through some personal homepages..

I was reading my email and I chanced upon an email in my 'junk' folder. The email reads:-

(No Subject)
From: Mr.Lim Yen Cheng (
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:04:06 AM


Programs & Events Department
KIA Motors
P.O. Box 850


We are officially announcing to you the result of KIA Motors Email Lottery Promotion held on the 14TH MARCH 2008 as part of our programs to Launch our new office that was commissioned on 21st of February 2008 in Manchester United Kingdom. Your email was attached to ticket number KIA-UK008N078372NCH with draw number K09N77 which consequently won you in the 2nd category prize, your email address has was extracted our electronic email extraction which randomly selected Forty Five (45) Lucky Winners of which your email address was among one of the lucky winner. You have therefore been approved for a payout of a total sum 750,000 GBP And a brand new KIA KEE CAR (SEVEN HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS & A KIA KEE CAR)


We also advise that you keep your winning information very confidential as our security policy demands to avoid double claims/impersonation and unwarranted abuse of this program by some individuals. The selection process was carried our through our computerized Email Selection System (ESS) which selects email from a database of over 600,000 email address was drawn from all over the continents of the World. This promotions being the first of its kind will now take place annually and we hope you will also take part in our next year One Million Pounds Pound Sterling International Lottery Game. To file your claim, you are to contact our Customer Service Unit authorized to conduct the necessary Verification to enable you receive your Cash Prize and your KIA KEE CAR, (You will receive more email upon acknowledgement of this email).
Customer Service Unit


Mr. Jackson Sun


20 Queens land Road, London

You can call any of the claims agents assigned for your claims, or send an email to them, you are to provide to your agents the below under listed information as soon as possible:

4. AGE:
5. SEX
8. Where would you prefer your car to be shipped? Home Or Office Address?

Web Page:http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_website/video.php?id=200601

This program is promoted and sponsored by Frontline group and KIA Worldwide; we intend to use this medium to help individuals generate fortunes, which would encourage them to expand their business frontiers thereby creating more opportunities and assisting with humanitarian Concerns within their immediate environment. All winning must be claimed not later than one Week of Acknowledgment. After this date all unclaimed funds will be returned to KIA Motors Treasury as Unclaimed.

Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform us as soon as possible. Congratulations again from all our staff.

N.B: Anybody under the age of 16 is not eligible to participate in this program.

Yours in service, Lim Yen Cheng(Programs & Events).

Material Copyright © 2008 The KIA Co. Ltd.

If you ask me, it is obviously some kind of lottery scam. Reason being that if you receive an email from a lottery that you did nor enter, it is a scam.

I wonder why some people actually fall into such scam...ignorant? desperate? foolish?

Never send any money to the crooks who are behind these self-created scams. Because if you do, you will only end up poorer than you currently are and losing all your hard earned money in a whiff. But of course there are genuine cases...just in the case of my brother...oh well.

Moral of the story is...be smart...act smart.

This is just another stupid created scam...

18 March 2008


When I go to sleep, I fear that I may not wake up to see another day. But when I do wake up, I'd go, "Shit man! I have to shower and get ready for work now." Like what my car key chain says - 'my job sucks'....

When I am alone, imaginations start to run wild and I would think that I am insignificant and that no one cares. But when I am not alone, I'd go, "Man, I am such a loser. What have I achieved thus far?"

I feel messed up. I don't like feeling this way.

There is one thing that I’ve learned about being in love with someone. I know that it is LOVE when I still want to be with him even though I very much feel like choking (figuratively speaking only) him at the same time.

Being alone makes my hungry...
I want double cheeseburger with chilli sauce..
I want 6-piece mcnuggets with curry sauce..
I want cheezel..2 packs
I want chocolate bubble tea with pearls..
I want nachos with extra cheese..
I want cheese prata with extra cheese also..
I want tom yam noodles without mushroom..
I want prawn noodles..

2 days ago, I was bored. So I had my fringe cut...by my own..I just held my fringe together in a clump and zip the scissors went.. It's not even..not straight..but so what...I am so cool.. : )

14 March 2008

The Power of Love

2 days ago..it sucks..

1 day ago..no better..

today..benefit of the doubt given..i lose..he win

wat can i say..i love him..hopelessly in love..

04 March 2008


We were just starting to open up to one another...bonding and having 'fun' when we were informed that the s/craft competition = postponed until further notice. Though it was something that we would have hoped for, it was kind of disheartening, especially now that we would have to return back to our shift work.

For me personally...mixed feelings. It was mission impossible to begin with..Training just commenced last tuesday (26th) and the competition was initially set for this thursday (6th). A mere 1 week plus of training and with all the events (sports day, sports appreciation day and pdt audit) being held during the week..fuhyooh..mentally so not prepared. Normally, it would take about 3 weeks of training. To have to cramp everything up into a week, it was extremely taxing on the team + mental distress.

PDT audit was conducted this morning..actually should have been yesterday lah..but we were really not prepared then. Crash course..like it or not, the team had to endure with it...be it blue black marks (the arms especially) or muscle aches... Kena pull, kena push, kena wham bham..and I was even 'punched' on my lips. Very garang huh... So how did we fare? Average maybe? - doesn't matter really coz I think each and everyone of us deserve a pat on the back. Despite the mental torture, we took it positively and put in the effort to succeed.

The audit is over now but we are still left with the s/craft competition. So now we shall wait and see..when will the new date be? will the same people be called back?

One thing is for sure..once the date has been set and the training begins, the trainers are going to expect much much more from us in future - Stress -