28 April 2008


So far, 2 of the things (Princess Pin and the Quikpod thinggy) that I had bought online have arrived. My clothes have yet to arrive...still waiting *can't wait*.

Anyway, Ayang got to know that I have been going on a spree online. So he bought a book online too. He was looking for a book titled: The Basic of RC Helis but all the webbies that I surfed either does not seem to ship to Singapore or I have trouble with the registration. So he settled for another book - Model Helicopters: A Guide for Beginners which costs EUR 24.08 (a lot of money ah he...). But I am still sourcing for the other book for him. I have made enquiries but so far no reply. In the mean time, he is anxiously waiting for this book to arrive, which most likely will take about a few weeks to arrive.

IPPT - this year, once again, I have to settle for a silver, though I very much wanted a gold (which I know was impossible to begin with because I did not train for it). Silver pun silver lah... unlike the guys..poor thing...they can run like crazy but most of them still fail. I so feel for them. Ayang managed to pass this year during the first attempt, unlike last year. Haha...

Right now, I am planning for a holiday in August. Still contemplating whether to go to Phuket, Koh Samui or Bangkok. Still doing some research...but the more I read up, the more confused I get!

Went to Vivo on Friday...did some shopping! Well not much really because nothing seems nice. Ayang bought 2 dozens of donuts from his favourite donut shop. That crazy fella can finish up 12 pieces all by himself. He was looking for Guitar3...wanted to buy it. Guitar2 tak pass pass...haha...I am better than him!

26 April 2008

Inconsiderate man with a tattoo on his left arm

Si beh pek chek man! So So So.... I was almost done wiping the car...dry already okay...then comes a car, parked beside mine...so close some more...used a hose and pissshhhh the water goes...the right side of my car becomes wet again...bang balls sia!!! *#1 no sorry*

Nvm..I kept my cool...I pretend to keep cool lah *keyword - pretend (deep inside I feel like $#%&%^$^^% to him)*...and just re-wiped the wet side again.

After that...he washed his car and again...*oopss he did it again*...worst off than the first time okay! Half of my car was wet! This time I beh tahan already. But I didn't want to end up in a dispute with him coz if the police comes, paiseh sia....later whole of golf will know! Instead....I just exclaimed "Wahlau eh" and like a stupid fool like that re-wiped again *#2 no sorry*...mumbling all to myself...stupid idiot no brains no sorry some more bla bla bla....

When I was done...I purposely waited until he left before I packed up. Pea brain! He then drove off *#3 no sorry*

How can like that right? No courtesy...never apologise...at least say la.."sorry ah...paiseh". So rude! He think I so free meh to wipe the car for the whole day.

20 April 2008

Just Plain Stupid

During de-briefing this morning, someone made a stupid remark or rather asked a stupid question..that sent those around burst into tremendous laughter. For his stupidity, I promised him that...THAT will be in my blog.

We were talking about OO might be involved in the UN Peacekeeping or East Timor thinggy..and about having to be fit to be able to be selected...and that the selection involve being able to run 6km or some sort...bla bla bla..

So this stupid 5070...maybe due to lack of sleep or just plain stupid...asked "you mean you go to east timor have to run 6km ah??" *at one corner, his FTO looked at him and shaked his head*

5070..deh! : )

Anyway...it's IPPT day tomorrow and from the look of it, it seems that tomorrow...suddenly there are going to be a surge in the number of 'sick people'. For sure...I hope I can run good enough tomorrow and that the weather is going to be on our side. Hope for the best.

17 April 2008

I Did It Again

I am guilty...another spree of online shopping. Not so much though...just that hands itchy itchy la.

This is what I bought for myself this time.

Princess Pin

Quikpod - extendable handheld tripod

Flamingo Love Tank Top - how adorable

16 April 2008


I was so damn frustrated over some water issues...there hasn't been any water at my other home for the past few days. We were there during daytime so initially we thought they turned it off temporarily because of some rooftop repair tinggy. But then again there was no notice to say that they were going to do that. So we let it be until we checked again at night and there was still no water. Cannot be mah...

Yesterday - first my husband called A but A said that they did not cut the water supply (i mean why would they cut it when we pay the bills on time). So he called B and B said will send someone to make a check. But B didn't come because there was still no water when I went over to make a check at night. Blood goes up my head already...so I called B again (this time frustrated), told them that there was still no water and that I needed the water for the renovation on thursday. So B came down on that night itself after I left the place...B made a check and said it's ok on their part. A was clueless and I was perturbed. I told them to come the next day to check.

Today - A came down....and guessed what...it was them who turned it off!!! In the first place, A said they did not. wtf!

Now they already rectified the matter and water is back.

You figure out yourself who A and B are...

Anyway, tomorrow is demolition day. Not the whole house though...only the toilets. Demolition works will be carried out on thursday, friday and monday. It is going to be a mess.

The renovation will be completed latest by 14.05.08...at least that is when the permit will end. The reno might complete earlier depending on how fast the job can be done.

The contractors better do a good job or I will complain to my dad...

3I Again

As of today, I am officially a certified 3I driver... So if you are a bad driver, buzzzzz off. Let me takeover! *kerek pulak*

The instructors (aka Cikgu) managed to fix the skid car...not to its best performance though but still enough for training purposes. One of us was then made to sit at the back while the other one drives with the instructor in front. And let me tell you...I so felt like puking. Seriously...

We tried both the front wheel skid and rear wheel skid but more focus was made on the rear wheel skid. Both weren't difficult just that the continuous circling makes me feel dizzy even when I was behind the steering wheel.

After lunch, we continued with the last one - Cornering. Frankly, I don't quite like this one because it was not as exhilarating those that we did on Day 2.

15 April 2008

Cool Inventions

I so want to buy this portable hammock but they do not seem to ship to Asia. What a pity.

Which smart alec invented this? Easy storage..I am going to buy this...
A device that prevents those behind the wheels from falling asleep...useful especially during night shift. : ) or even during boring lessons or meetings

Too Fast Too Furious

Today mark the end of the second day of my intermediate driving. Tomorrow will be the last day but officially I will still have to wait. It depends on whether the skid car is usable tomorrow. Otherwise my 3I course will be left dangling until the skid car is usable. Only then will I be a certified 3I driver. How cool is that!

And who says women are bad drivers! I am darn good okay... At least that was what the instructors say. I am surprised at myself actually...the fact that I really gave my all and performed to my very best.

Day 1 - yesterday we spent part of the morning in class and the rest of the day was spent at the parade square...each time, we would start at a slower speed, maybe about 60km/h to boost our confidence. Gradually, the speed was increased to about 90km/h. We first started out with some mmm I would call it circuit driving where we would have to drive, forward as well as reverse, around the cones that had been set up. After that we moved on to braking on a straight road...and I really meant braking until you can hear the screeching sound. We tried both ABS braking and threshold braking. Fuhyooh..best seh!

Day 2 - the training today was conducted at Keat Hong Camp. This one lagi best! We started off with braking and swerving on a straight road, followed by emergency lane change. We ended the day with braking and swerving on a bend. I was tip top!

Day 3 - we were told that tomorrow we will be doing cornering and if the skid car can be repaired by tomorrow, we will be...what else...skidding. I tried the skid car before...about few years ago...it is fun if you are the driver, but not when you are the one sitting on the passenger seat. Can blwek if you are one to suffer from motion sickness.

In total there were only 5 of us..2 from J, 2 from psc and myself. We were told that normally they would have about 13 to 15 officers during one course. So ours a bit special la..only 5. Good because they need not rush and we can spend more time to improve ourself. One division was assigned to one car. As I am the only one from my division, I had the car all to myself, which means I am able to have more practice because I do need to change drivers. But during the training, I was not alone in the car. One of the instructors would accompany and at the same time guide me along...just like having a personal instructor. Playcheat huh...

13 April 2008


I just came back from the zoo. Followed the map strictly and made sure that we did not miss any of the animals. Even managed to catch 2 animal shows - elephant and sea lion/penguins and observed the feeding of the king cobra, which my dad wanted to see real bad. Lucky for us, the weather was on our side...bright and sunny.

As usual..some pics. Not many pics of us because after a while, my 2 cousins conquered the camera and snap photos of the animals in the enclosures.

I forgot to mention...went to the zoo with my dad, mum, elder brother, 2 cousins and hubby. My younger brother didn't come along. Dad had 4 free adult tickets...that was why.

Near the main entrance - Group photo (minus my dad - the camera man)

Ainul and Nadia on the driver seat

Ainul and I with the 'hidden' elephants

Ainul and Nadia - Inside the elephant's head
Ainul and Nadia with the late Ah Meng

Ainul and Nadia - With the models and at the playground

Lunch time - 'chop' seats while filling our stomach and waiting for the show to star


12 April 2008

Go and shop la

Shopping at its best!

Bought all these online...I am already spending this much when ka-ching just came in....


Will be going for my 3I driving course on Monday.

Intermediate driving eh...*wat the hell*...me?!

I thought I am not next in line. Not fair for those more who are more senior than me right... Wah piang..balls man!

I don't deny that it is going to be an experience, a good one at that...but eh...not ready lah.

09 April 2008


Was out today with the reno contractor...went to Geylang and Jalan Besar to buy stuff for the reno. Richard says hacking will start this Friday...and may take about 3 weeks to a month to complete. Finally...there is going to be some work done. Slowly...the aircon will come in, they will do up the toilets, kitchen, some wiring and finally they will polish the flooring...to make the timber tiles look brand new. Can't wait for the reno to be completed and to be able to move into that house soon. The only thing I dread is the ending part...the cleaning up and the packing/unpacking.

Home Sweet Home...

05 April 2008

IPPT date

The date for the upcoming IPPT is out...21st April. Wah...all kancheong spider now. Haha... As for me...a bit tense too because I have yet to train. I was aiming for the gold ($200) this year but I think I just settle for a silver ($100) la...again... Cat Y this year, no more Cat X!

04 April 2008


I bought my first set of crochet hooks and yarns yesterday at Spotlight. I am learning how to crochet. Don't you give me that face...I know it sounds a bit old school, like aunty aunty like that...haha...but why not. It is interesting to be able to make something out of a slip knot.

The first time I had my hands on crochet was when I was still in primary school I think. My auntie made me do chain stitches...I don't know why...was it to pass the time? I can't recall. Anyway...Crocheting does takes practice especially when I am learning this on my own, through books and websites. I have learnt the slip knot, the chain stitch (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc) and triple crochet (trc), though they are not perfect yet, at least the gist is there. Will try to perfect it along the way. Pratice makes perfect doesn't it.

The crochet instructions are pretty daunting to me...being bombarded by all the abbreviations and terminolgy. My first task for now is to first decipher their meaning.

To start with...I need to know what these means by the back of my palms without having to refer to the book.
- beg, bl(s), ch(s), CL, dc, dec, fl(s), hdc, inc, lp (s), patt, PC(s), prev, rem, rep, rnd(s), sc, sk, sl, sl st(s), sp(s), st(s). Tch, tog, trc, YO

I would also need to understand the terms used
- front loop, back loop, post, work even, wrong side, right side, right-hand side, left-hand side, right front, left front

And the symbols
- *
- :
- ( )
- [ ]

And of course most importantly...how to read the instructions such as this one

Ch 16

Row 1: 2dc i the 4th chain from the hook (3 skipped chs count as a dc), ch 2, 3 dc in same ch: neg shell made; *sk next 2 chs, sc in next ch, sk next 2 chs, in next ch work (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc): shell made; rep form * once more: ch 3, turn

Row 2: * Shell in ch-2 sp of next shell; rep from * twice more; ch 3 turn

Rep Row 2 until desired lenght. At end of last row, do not ch 3. Finish off and weave in ends.

*I am confused*Back to the books for me*


I wonder how is it that some people are able to wear the same pair of socks for 2 or 3 days...without having them washed. Doesn't it smell even after a day? I was in this one particular house with my partner, attending to a case when my nose picked up a very foul smell...and I thought the smell came from the oranges which had gone bad on the table. When I asked him, he said..."oh I think the smell came from my socks...I have not washed it for 2 days..". Wah piang!! Gross leh... I can never wear a pair of socks for more that a day without washing. Isn't it unhygienic? And your feet will smell and worst it feels so yucky...

Today, I come to realise that I love talking to myself. Doesn't matter where or when...I just did it in the car while on the drive home. I can be staring in the mirror and having a conversation to myself. I am not crazy. I know what I am doing. I think this habit of talking to myself started years back. Just that in the past, I never used to talk to myself in public...I only do it when I am all alone in my room. Maybe it's the surrounding, being the only girl in the family and having grown up in a more male environment...where certain issues are not everyday talked-about topics by the male species. I like to bottle things up when I am angry or sad...so I will hide myself in the room and talk to my other half. Somehow it became a habit...I treat it as a way of releasing stress. I pretend that someone is right in front of me...whoever...can even be an imaginary friend...and I pour my feelings out. I can go on and on and feel the satisfaction of not being interrupted. It feels good to talk to yourself because no one will give you stupid advise or say things that you do not want to hear. It is just between you and you. It does help to sort out so many things in my head. Goofy maybe but you should try it. To put it in a better way, you are not talking to yourself..you are VOICING out your thoughts.

Meeting the contractor later to discuss about the renovation. Hope this can be settle fast so that I can move into my own house soon. It's about time, before I get kicked out of my parents room...well my parents won't do that la...but paiseh la. 2 years plus already since I took over their room...macam orang besar pulak. But damn...can't imagine having to maintain the house all by myself (this not really a problem la) and to cook (this one BIG BIG problem). I hate cooking...aargh I prefer baking to cooking really. Only one solution...Ta pau ajelah... : )

02 April 2008


I am home....just came back from the mall. 3rd post for the day....gawd! I am really bored...Got back just in time. Seems like it is going to rain heavy and my stupid brother didn't close the windows before he went out.

What did I do at the mall? I have always hated window shopping..so I just have to buy something, no matter how cheap the item may be. Bought some facial stuff from Fancl, some vcds from Popular and also some stationery.

Then I walked around the mall and didn't know what else to buy and where else to go. So I dropped by my workplace to check the status of my school report from the school. I called up the school but the person in charge had already left. Have to wait then...Sux

I wanted to go to Spotlight thereafter but then it's at Dhobby Ghaut ler...and I am lazy to drive to town. Why did they have to close down the Tampines outlet... Having nowhere else to go to and no other friends to go out with, I headed home.

Going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks later...da

I promise...this will be my last post for the day!


This is my 2nd post for today. Yes..I am bored. Took leave today..hubby is working and I don't know what to do. Been at this computer since I got home after sending ayang to work. Maybe I shall go walk walk..maybe go to Tampines Mall la later. B O R I N G..I know.

My chevy is way due for servicing...reminder. This is one out of the many means that I have to remind myself. I need to have it written in my organiser later..and also my handphone. Don't know whether to go back to the Chevrolet servicing centre or to another one. The Chevrolet one is too far leh. Better consult dear and see what he says.

One more thing...tomorrow they are meeting me to report for bail. Important - I need to be at work by 6pm tomorrow. Jot down...jot down...

And yes...one more...school report. Must call the school already. They are taking their own sweet time.

Maybe I go should go change now and go out. I am bored here. Yes I should..now..hah..before that I need to shower. Hee....

Junjunglah Seni Sanjunglah Budaya

I admit...At this age, I am still a dikir fanatic. Though I have not been active in DK since donkey years ago...I still love watching and listening to it.

Here are some of the videos that I found on youtube..

To begin with...came across this by accidental.

Echo Division Deeparaya 07

My comments: Haha...yes..haha... still need improvements and fine tuning here and there..but it was a good try guys.. awok2 coordination ok ok, juara-s singing kind of out of tune, the karuts..both seemed to be really enjoying themselves. A round of applause for the effort put in.
The last part (which is in the second video) was cute..."Echo..very busy...steady...ready.."Hee.. DC Visit eh...no wonder.."have to carry". :P

We shall move on...ascending from the amateurs to the professionals.

Sembawang Canberra Dikir Family vs Dikir Kita

My comments: Much much better of course the former. The juara-s I like, the team spritness I love...except for some, tengok macam takda semangat jer... The hand movements are all simple and nothing fancy...well kalau dalam gelanggang, what do you expect. Thumbs up!


Neng Nyno - Mega Perdana 2006

Kelana Purba - Mega Perdana 2007

Comments: Much more complicated hand movements...No comments la...I love them!

In conclusion: Compare the concentration, the synchronisation, the melody, the pitching and the confidence... All these will make a difference to your performance.. Paiseh..can't comment on the paluan coz I am bad in that..