29 May 2008

End of May

Come to think of it, its already coming to the end of the month... and soon it's going to be mid year already. Half a year go past by me just like that..and what have I done? I don't remember having done anything significant at all for the year 2008. Failure failure...

I have decided to restart my fitness regime. Hee...not really lah...just jogging. Today, I successfully managed to drag my already-hopeless husband for a short jog after work. Forced him to accompany me... start slow...just 6 rounds to and fro, and at a slow pace. Cannot too extreme otherwise tomorrow pain here la...pain there la...how to work like that.

Been reading the papers lately...and so many interesting issues... Pedra Branca... PM Lee vs Dr Chee... Mas Selamat escape outcome.... Petrol Ban by Malaysia... HOT HOT HOT...

25 May 2008


Yesterday shift ended very shitty-ly...and I really mean SHIT-ty. I cannot imagine how I actually managed to go through it. Lucky for me...VICKS INHALER saved my day!!!

Yesterday...what a coincidence! Never thought I would see him again...and in that kind of situation. What goes around...comes around...

23 May 2008

House Updates

The house reno was supposed to be completed sometime last week but there was some delay. Most likely, it will be completed by next week. So far updates on what had been completed thus far.

The air-con sets are up and running. There are 4 altogether and all are working well. The timber tile flooring already polished. Whatever that needed to be hacked, demolished, removed...also checked. The toilet tiles are completed but the toilet accessories (toilet bowl, sink, shower set etc) are not fixed yet. The kitchen cabinet should be up today. I was at the house earlier and the contractors are there.

Once everything are done, we still need to do our own touch-up...refilling...painting...and worst of all...cleaning, shifting and unpacking.

I am still feeling groggy today and not in the best of mood yet. This is why I hate being sick. Not yet recovered fully. I can't hear well because of the pressure in my ear, which was caused by the flu. My head is still spinning. All I want is to lie in bed and sleep like there is no tomorrow.

21 May 2008

Tissue Please

I am down with the flu and a slight temperature now...no thanks to my husband. You see...he is recovering from the same sickness. I woke up in the morning to catch him coughing to my face (instead of covering his mouth), while he was playing with his PSP...spreading and passing all the wonderful germs to his lovely wife. So here I am now...not in the best of mood...with watery slime flowing down my nostrils, a throat that is so sore, a splitting headache and a mild fever. Among all these, I hate the runny nose part. Reason being...I will have to blow my nose so often that it makes the part between my nose and my lips (whatever you call that) so so very dry. I have lived with sinus all my life so I have never been 'besties' with flu...it makes me look uglier...

Today is Fauzi's last day with the team...he will be clearing his leave and then ORD oh...What a waste...can't bully him for the last time because I took leave today. He will be furthering his studies overseas after this. I wish him all the best and don't be lazy you lazy SC!!

Something happened a few days back. Won't elaborate much. It was an unfortunate thing to happen...but...sigh...

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that I was imprisoned overseas, while I was on a holiday. I was sentenced to 2 months of imprisonment. Gosh...Horrid dream...No one should be dreaming of that.

I received a wedding invitation from an Indian ex-classmate of mine. Indian weddings are so rare. This is only my 2nd Indian wedding. The 1st was Rachel's, which was held at a country club (OC). This one, will be held at a temple...my first temple wedding. Gee...help!

19 May 2008

TJ again...I need to change this blog title to 'All about TJ'

Seriously, I think TJ has some problems with his hearing. Yesterday morning, Syed was talking about his refridgerator. Although I was in the toilet, I could hear very clearly what was being conversed.

Syed: I don't know why my MEAT is not frozen
TJ: You have a MAID already ah?

wth...where was TJ? HE was only sitting in front of Syed.

17 May 2008


TJ's wish came true yesterday...haha...he got the luxury of partnering me. Unfortunately, that comes along with me having to entertain his BS as well as his erm....nonsense? Oh well...

We were talking about stuffs and I commented...
Me: That's why camels have long eyelashes

And his reply was...
TJ: But I am not tamil.

Looking at him, I said
Me: (emphasing on the pronounciation) CAMEL...not tamil la stupid

Life is so boring without TJ... now that my no 1 victim is going to ORD soon, TJ be strong.... : )

07 May 2008

4th or 5th

Another one of TJ's 'being-made-a-fool' moments...

Sunny and I were in the briefing room.

Sunny: Ok today is the 4th..
Seri: Today's the 5th la stupid
Sunny: Alamak my watch says 4th la....

A few seconds later, TJ enters the room and walked towards Sunny. I was still seated where I was earlier.

Sunny: (saying to TJ) Today the 4th la stupid
TJ: (obviously clueless) Why you call me stupid sia?
Sunny: You say today is 4th..but today is 5th la
TJ: When did I say that? I never say that what...

Taking this very opportunity, I interrupted, trying to maintain a composed look...I said...

Seri: You did la just now
TJ: I did ah?
Seri: Yalah...Then...
TJ: Is it? How come I don't remember...(and scratches his beer belly)

Silence for a few seconds...then Sunny and I burst into laughter. TJ still clueless...as to why we are laughing at him. For no reason whatsoever he became the target..the butt of the joke. TJ...TJ...

02 May 2008

April Blues

How can...the files and folders in my thumbdrive are all corrupted! I have all my work as well as personal documents in it. How did it get corrupted? I have been removing the device safely...as it should have been. But luckily for me, I have backed up my thumbdrive into my Maxtor...just in case things like this happen la. This is the one thing that I hate about technology...all the glitches. The last time that I had backed it up was in Feb...so kind of about 90% of the files are recoverable. Heng ah!

To think of it, I have been quite suay recently. First, when I was the DMO, the set antenna (the black rubber piece one) went missing. Somehow I managed to find the missing piece about a few days later, under the table, behind the rubbish bin. wth..

Then a copy of the BD16 that I had lodged went missing. But luckily the BD8 didn't. Due to that, I had to lodge a 299 and also typed out an explaination letter addressed to RBD, to be attached to the BD8. So much suayness in one month!

Hopefully something good will come my way...in the months to come...