29 July 2008

Muhammad Indra Shafik & Siti Amirah

My younger brother's engagement is just a few days away...But just barely a week before the actual day, my mum told me to help order the cake. Eh eh...should have told me earlier mah. I wanted to order from the same place that I bought my wedding cake but she was fully booked for that day. Aiyo...no choice, so I scouted around Tampines. In the end I ended up at Bengawan Solo. Never tried ordering from there before, so I am a bit skeptical. But no choice...when you are desperate, anything goes. Not much choices to my liking and the nice ones would possibly have problems with having something written on it. Headache headache...and the cake shop assistant wasn't of much help!

So I chose one...trying to be practical. Chose a rectangular shaped cake with not much deco on top so that words can be written on it.

This is how the cake looks like. It is supposed to be a birthday cake or something with just the name on it. But of course the actual cake won't have the 'felicia' name on it. I was deciding on whether to get a cream cake or an icing cake and also whether I should write the full name or just the short one coz my brother name ain't dat short.... Decisions decisions.... After some consultation, I decided on a cream cake and as for the name..I use their glamour name.

"Selamat Bertunang
Yin & Mira
02 Aug 2008"

Since I did not contribute anything...this cake is on the house..FOC for my brother..

P/s: I promised your wedding cake will be much much better than this.

19 July 2008


Time check: 1845hrs. I am stoned.

I woke up at 0345hrs today because I had to report to work at 0500hrs. The duty ended earlier about 1530hrs like that but I couldn't go home yet as I am supposedly to be on morning shift today ie till 2000hrs. Since I worked from 0500hrs, it is only fair that I end my day at 1700hrs. So I dropped by my work place to show face. Edited the deployment roster and did a portion of my SAR. Not yet completed. Maybe some other day. Afterall not yet due.

Didn't want to go home yet so dropped by my parents place...again. : ) Because I cannot live without internet. I want to subscribe to one but there isn't any good offer that comes along with it. Thought just wait till end of the year and hopefully they come out with better offers. For now, I have been using my handphone as substitute (for emergencies like checking emails or even finding for recipes hehe) and due to that my hp bill shoots up to one hundred plus bucks About 60% of that comes from GPRS. My hp no WI-FI lah, that's why. Wah crazy....!

I don't think I am cooking tonight..at the most maybe I try to cook maggi goreng. Want to see if it is on par to that one of the coffeeshop Mamak. I must admit that I am not a good cook but I think the food that I cook is still edible lah. Ask my husband la...he is the scapegoat.

Speaking of which, I am feeling rather down. Don't want to talk about it. The more I think about it, the more pissed I get. Once bitten twice shy... not to some people I guess.

Today is the 19th. Today marks exactly 5 years and 11 months that I have been in this job. Next month is my 6th year anniversary, 19th August will mark the day that I first stepped into training life 6 years ago. Who would have thought that I would last that long.

Time check: 1900hrs. I am still stoned.

16 July 2008

No place like home?

I have not been active in my blog of late... Been busy.

It started out when I shifted house...yeah...I finally moved to my own home after 9 months of leaving it vacant and letting 'something' occupy it. What's that 'something'? I shall explain it a little bit later on. I have yet to subscribe to internet at home, so that explains why I lagged behind in updating my blog. So right now, here I am, back at my former home i.e. my parents home. Just came back from a funeral...my grand aunty...talking of which reminds me of another thing.

There has been many deaths in my family of late.
Grandmother: 07.02.2007
Cousin: 29.11.2007
Granduncle: 07.11.2007
Great-Grandmother: 04.07.2008
Grandaunty: 16.07.2008
See what I mean? Either passed away of an illness/sickness or old age...Sad but it's God's will.

To elaborate further on the 'something'....I think it is something like a 'Penunggu'. Some kind of spirit I think that lingers on in your house...especially when it's left vacant for a period of time. I didn't see it (thank God!), but some sort of did experience something.

It was night time and I was trying to get to sleep when I heard some kind of knocking noises on the tv sideboard opposite my bed, in my room. Initially I thought it was the bar fridge or even the air-con for that matter. But cannot be because the I know how the bar fridge sounds like. The sound was very distinct. The strange thing is whenever I opened my eyes to take a look, the sound will stop. A bit weird I thought. Of course, scared la.... I turned to my husband, but he was already snoring away. I chanted some prayers and managed to get to sleep after some time. The sleep was not a peaceful one coz I woke up in the middle of the night after a terrible nightmare.

Now, I think that thing is gone..for good or not I do not know. But I do hope that it doesn't return, who doesn't?

I have just booked a 6N trip to Bangkok next month. Wanted to book in September (to coincide with my bday, but September happens to be fasting month). So no choice, August it is.

Flight Information Summary:

Singapore Changi Apt (SIN) To Bangkok (BKK)
Flight Number: TG 0414
Departure Terminal: 1
Class: Economy
Departing: 15:30 Sat 23 Aug 2008
Arriving: 16:50 Sat 23 Aug 2008
Arrival Terminal: no arrival terminal info available

Bangkok (BKK) To Singapore Changi Apt (SIN)
Flight Number: TG 0401
Departure Terminal: no departure terminal info available
Class: Economy
Departing: 19:40 Fri 29 Aug 2008
Arriving: 22:55 Fri 29 Aug 2008
Arrival Terminal: 1

Meal preferences: ‡

Hotel Voucher:
Address: Siam City Hotel Bangkok477 SI AYUTHAYA ROAD Bangkok 10400 THAILAND
Phone: 66-2-247 0123
Number of Adults: 2

Arrival date: Sat 23 Aug 2008
Departure date: Fri 29 Aug 2008
Duration: 6 nights
Type: Deluxe Room with Continental Buffet Breakfast

Viator Itinerary Reference:
Item 1
PRODUCT NAME: Bangkok Airport Arrival Transfer Shuttle
DATE OF TRAVEL: Saturday August 23, 2008

Item 2
PRODUCT NAME: Bangkok Airport Departure Transfer Shuttle
DATE OF TRAVEL: Friday August 29, 2008