29 August 2008

Back to Reality

Bangkok was great but I am too lazy to key in the details for now... Welcome back to Sg and for the first time.....it sucks to be back.

19 August 2008

37/02 - 6th Year Anniversary

Adz just sms-ed reminding us that today, in 2002, was the day that we girls (and the others) met!...Today marks our 6th year anniversary... of us getting acquainted as well as my 6th year in the job!

Happy anniversary to all Sqd 37/02 peeps...!!!

Let us reminisce the times we had together...

Training was chicken feet to me (it was slightly harder during the fasting month though) but it was the politics in the squad that was hard to endure. Having to march in our court shoes and carrying that bag filled with heavy books was not easy. I ended up with a lot of blisters coz those guys marched so fast! (try wearing court shoes and marching up and down the slopes la). It's worst when it rained coz we have to don on those yellow raincoats which made us look like paddington bear! hee...

Our squad comprised of 14 guys and 12 girls..yes 12 girls. A lot! The squad that made head turns each time we marched pass by. : ) hungry crocodiles hehe

Having 12 girls in the squad, we were divided into 2 different bunks. That's where the problem lies. Being the squad vice-chairman, I was stuck, massive headache...had to be neutral otherwise it won't be easy to handle the squad. Even our OC Squad and FI knew about the squabbles. But anyhow, I sure hope the cat fights are over and that all has been forgiven. Afterall 6 years have passed.

We were involved in a lot of activities...soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, X-country and even Malay Dance! Yeah...Don't ask...

Overall, I would say it was an enjoyable experience. We cried on our last day! Really...after a 'speech' was given by our OC and FI.

For our passing out (graduation) ceremony, we were entitled to a passing out dinner. Being the squad vice-chairman, I was given the honour to lead the squad in the Pledge (which I stumbled on the words a bit..hee). I drafted out a speech which the squad chairman recited out.


"It was an enriching experience. 19 August 2002, we started a journey, and now 6 February 2003, marks the end of that journey and the beginning of another. For many, the road of getting there was smooth and eventful. For others, the road was rough. But on this day, we leave all these rough times behind us. We had set a goal, and now we have achieved that objective.

We've made it. We made it through many obstacles placed in front of us. We made it through all the tests and papers , the trainings and assessments.

But how were we able to keep our lives somewhat manageable throughout all these you might have asked. The answer is simple:- Our OC Squad, Field Instructor, families and friends. We owe it all to them.

Our dear OC Squad and FI have shaped us, molded us and guided us. They became our mentors and in many case, our close friends. It is due to their encouragement and sincere beliefs that we all possess the ability to learn, that we've made .

Without these amazing people, we would have a gaping hole in this journey of ours. If they hadn't been there everyday, challenging and pushing us to the limits, many of us would have never untapped the fountain of greatness inside ourselves. Without both their friendship and guidance, we would have been lost at sea. They were the lighthouses guiding us throughout these 6 months. They were there to straighten us out and made sure we were making the right decisions and adopting the positive mentality. We owe both of them the highest gratitude for keeping us off the grass and on the path.

And of course, our friends were also major influence in our lives. Without them to share our greatest fears, successes and failures, we may not have made it this far.

And lastly, our families were always there to offer unconditional love and encouragement. Perhaps we would have given up long ago if it weren't for them. We owe our drive for success to them. We owe all our families, the utmost gratitude and admiration.

There may be good memories and there may also be bad memories. Nonetheless, we did gain from an exposure to different ideas, different cultures and different people. We gained from learning and from experience.

Yes, we work and were reprimanded but we have our rewards.

From our last 6 months, we have learnt some sensible lessons. The important of which is that for every action we take, there will be consequences, good and bad.

We have worked very hard. We are not only equipped with the basic but the essential skills required for us to take our place as trained officers of the Singapore Police Force.

We may ended our training in TRACOM successfully, but this is not the end. There is still a very long way to go, with many difficulties. Indeed, success comes with hard work and determination. The learning never stops.

On this day, we may be separating but we will take with us the many memories of our life as a trainee and of a career that would be stimulating and challenging and usually far too busy. We will take with us memories of Squad 37/02.

So when we set out on our path towards serving others, we need to lift our heads up high, stand tall and stand proud. Passing Out Dinner, 6 Feb 2003, is the evening of our dreams and for that Congratulations to everyone. May God bless you all in your future endeavours!

Most importantly, remember to live life without regrets, face adversity with courage and grace, and keep your chin up, eyes forward and smile. You did it!

It is a tough post but it is when you are faced with tough jobs and tough decisions that the tough gets tougher!"

09 August 2008

Business Trip (09.08.08)

Dad left for Mauritius today morning. His first plane trip abroad after about 10 years I think. His company sent him there for 2 months...which means he won't be around during the fasting month.

Have a safe trip!

*gosh i look like aunty2 dressing up like that

04 August 2008

Engagement Day - Indra & Amirah

My brother's engagement was 2 days ago. The cake that I ordered came out okay I suppose..except that I did not manage to taste it. Wonder how it tastes. At the function, my aunty, who used to order cakes from the same cake shop, told me that fresh cakes from Begawan Solo is nice. Hope what she say is right otherwise the girl's side will have a hard time finishing up the cake...3kg at that.

Cake from Begawan Solo

The basket of fruit that I ordered from Noel...

The 'bride' of the day

That's me and the aunties

The family minus the big brother

The slightly extended family

Brothers with aunty

With cousins and my mum

My dearest cousins

More pics at my multiply and friendster account.... : )

02 August 2008

Malay Ah-Lian

I realised I have been very vulgar of late...Ask Roger...he always gets the C, F, N word from me.... No idea why?! But this is seriously not healthy.

But then, not surprising. Turn on my bluetooth and Ah-Lian is my name : )