26 September 2008

What A Bummer

The wedding that I was looking forward to attend has become Mission Impossible. Initially, it was not a problem as it falls on my off day. But many thanks to the F1 thinggy, there was a change in shifts. So so very very sorry Jiayi... *On bended knees* Many many thousand apologies babe! I wish there is a way that I could make it up to you.

Speaking of which, I just got back from my F1 shift. Another one tonight and tomorrow night will be the last day. 3 nights in a row *tak boleh tahan* after that yabedahbedu....Hari Raya!! *damn on bended knees again* (I have yet to think of what to say leh).

Hari Raya preparations almost done...well not really...I still have about 30% more to go. 4 more days to the end of fasting month. Gonna miss it though. But hurray...no more waking up at 4 plus in the morning...

I am feeling very unsteady now. Have not had a wink since 8pm last night. I need to sleep. Wake up later to prepare for sungkai = buka = iftar and then off to work. Bummer...

p/s: money money money in my account!

22 September 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Extracted from ST Forum (20.09.08)

Baby's birth cert reverses parental joy

THE arrival of my newborn daughter was a source of joy for my wife and myself - until I went to obtain her birth certificate from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

To my horror, she was given the number T08-XX444X. As Chinese Singaporeans are aware, the number four suggests death, and implies misfortune.

I appealed to the ICA officer, also a Chinese Singaporean who understood my discomfiture. But she firmly rejected my plea because rules were rules, I was told. Subsequently, I appealed to a superior officer and waited an agonising week, making several calls in between, only to be given the same answer.

I grant that sticking to a system of rules is important. But so too is crafting exceptions which humanise the system.

My wife and I took great pains to craft our daughter's name, consulting time-honoured cultural principles, because we wanted an auspicious life for her. Imagine having a birth certificate number like 444 which counters all that.

A birth certificate is a personal and important life-long document.

A system which forces officers to stick rigidly to the rulebook without due regard for cultural sensitivities is not a good one. Rules are made to serve citizens and not the other way round.
I'm not giving up. I hope that my daughter can be given a more appropriate birth certificate number and I'm not asking for very auspicious figures.

Joseph Tan

*wth*..you should read the comments by others here. I am disgusted by this. I mean...all these numbers are generated as such. Birth cert numbers are not like car plate numbers where you bid for them or change them as you like it.

What's with "But so too is crafting exceptions which humanise the system". My goodness... What in the world is this country coming to?

Water Is All I Need

Today was the most most unbearable 'fast' that I have ever had to endure, since the first day of fasting month. I blame the scorching hot and humid (65% to 95% mind you) weather, the so so not absorbant uniform that I donned on and the fact that I had to stand and watch over a VIP car. 5 hours okay! Goodness... the only thing that was on my mind? Water...all sorts of water - coke with ice, bubble tea, ice milo, bandung....and the list goes on. Some of the RC fellas even offered us some drinks or food - hey fasting la... Kids can either be cute or irritating. Well at least at that point of time, I found them irritating. It was bad enough that I was sweaty and so uncomfortable, these girls came up to me and asked me questions like..."Are there bullets in that thing"..."how come cannot see"...."wah so many to carry ah"...one even wanted to shake hand with me (like as though I am the VIP) haha... A passerby saw us standing at the CC entrance and he commented "Wah now CC also have guards ah". *Bish* Did he just call us guards? Kelakar ke aper..Nb...

I couldn't stop talking about all the ever so wonderful drinks until my partner, Nazeer, couldn't take it. "Kak...aper nie...you are making me feel worst". And it was only about noon at that time (7 more hours to go) Haha...

Btw, Nazeer...he is the new kid on the block...or rather in the team. I kind of like become his 'mentor' for the past few tour (in the absence of his actual mentor). It ain't easy patroling with a newbie mind you. You have to guide and let him learn the ropes as he go along. Teach him the right things (as well as the wrong). Besides that, have to explain this and that. The good thing is that he ain't blur and ok la...quite a fast learner.

And for once, I finally have a collegue who graduated with the same qualification as I did, hmm 6 years ago that is.

Yes...A few of my team members have transferred (TJ, David, Syed) and resigned (Yan Chong). Out with the old, in with the new (Chris, Joe, Nazeer). I missed them...awww.... When is my turn leh?

Some are against my idea of quitting. Sunny says "Ayu don't nonsense ah" (he always call me ayu - eeee). Even AK gave me 'do not resign' speech. AK advise was...why quit when I am doing well at what I am doing now (besides the fact that I can't be promoted anytime soon). Fine I do know that my superiors are trying to help pull me up (by not bringing my CEP down)..I am good but now no passion and I hate it.

Btw, I did go for one interview but I 100% think cannot make it. I will source for another job...just for the fun of it. I was 100% sure of resigning and looking forward to tendering my resignation (if only) but now 50%-50% lah. People!! Stop telling me not to resign lah!!!

14 September 2008

Kindergarten Songs

These are the songs that I grew up listening to. Found them on YouTube. Some might say these songs are so gawky but hey I kind of like listening to them.

Times are bad now, work I mean...been so tired out from work, at least these lively songs help to ease the tension.

The kids in this first video - Kenek Kenek - awww so cute..esp the 'patah tanduk' part.

The second video - Lagu Tiga Kupang - I don't quite understand what the whole song is about! But I still love it.

The third video - Bangau Oh Bangau - I would call this a linking song.

This fourth video - Burung Kakak Tua - is also another common song.

This fifth video - Enjet Enjet Semut - hmmm..I used to play this game with my brothers and cousins. We really piched each others' hand so hard. This is not the traditional song that I grew up listening though. Some additional phrases had been added but the gist is there.

13 September 2008

Burnt Out

I have been very very exhausted since I came back from Bangkok until it has come to a point that I am feeling very lethargic now. I was never ever able to fully recover from the shagness...instead it rolled over to the day after and combined with the shagness of the new day. It just keeps accumulating. As much as I look forward to the upcoming F1 event, I kind of dread just thinking about it. Having to fast also takes the toll on me (not that I am complaining about fasting anyway).

I have yet to start on any spring cleaning. I am trying to sort out some documents here and now my living room is in utter mess. It will be a shame if anyone to see this. I still have a bedroom full of our junkies, which I have yet to sort out due to lack of storage. I intend to have another built-in wardrobe installed in the other bedroom soon and get a diplay set. But the latter is so hard to find.

I have also not started on any Hari Raya shopping. Many things yet to be bought. I am so clueless now. Curtains, carpet, clothes...aargghh...too many things on my mind. I am so going bonkers soon.

I have started on the baking though - my favourite: Chocolate Cornflakes Makroon. I had to ask Faridah for the recipe coz the recipe that I used to follow, does not seem to have the right measurements. I tasted the ones she made for last raya and it was nice. For my trial batch, I poured too much choco chips and cornflakes that the egg white got "lost" in it. It didn't turn out to be what I had expected.

11 September 2008

Grown Up

Today I met up with my girls for buka puasa i.e break fast. The venue: Sakura International at Downtown East. Faridah wanted to take some pics together. Looking at the photos, I realised that we have grown up...matured...and have priorities in life.

One of the topic that arose was our OBS (outward bound school) experience back then in secondary school. Looking back at the photos upon reaching home, it prompted me to show the before and after photos of us. All the before pics were taken during the OBS back then. Can't help but think how kental we were!!

07 September 2008

Fried Macaroni

For today's break fast, I tried my hands on fried macaroni. Yes.. I cook. I might have added too much chili paste and too little tomato sauce. It ended up slightly hot to taste. Overall, I think it was okay, at least for my level of expertise in cooking.


Mum called yesterday morning while I was asleep. She complaint of dizziness while marketing and told me to fetch her. Brought her to the doctor nearby and doctor said that she has low blood pressure, which is something new. Doctor asked me what it could have probably caused her to suddenly feel dizzy. How would I know? I am not a doctor... I am only a xxx. Doctor gave her an injection and a month supply of medicine. She was told her to come back to see him again in a month's time to see her progress.

Dad is not in Sg so I was kind of worried as mum looked rather weak. I couldn't take leave coz there was not enough manpower and those on leave was unable to return to work due to family commitments. I hate my job.

Low BP huh...guess mum 'retired' from her job just in time. It could probably be due to exhaustion or lack of rest, that's my personal opinion anyway.

I think I will die of exhaustion by end of the month too. So many extra duties during the fasting month especially during the F1 event, which is coming up at the end of the month (*hope the duty does not coincide with Jiayi's wedding*). As it is, I am already tire out having to wake up early every morning to heat up the food for 'sahur'. I can survive throughout the day just by drinking water but not my husband. He needs to eat rice for sahur...for energy I suppose.

I hate being home on sunday. The rc committee will be having their karaoke function at the MPH and the karang guni man will be sounding his horn and shouting 'KAARANNNGGG Guuuniiiii'. I can stand the karang guni coz he comes for an hour or so, then he will leave. But the karaoke function will last the whole day and this takes place every weekend (unless there is a wedding there of coz). Quite a nuisance actually. They will be blasting the sound system. It is not as though they have nice vocals that they have to sing at the MPH for everyone to hear. Why can't they do it indoors? At least the noise won't be spreading throughout the neighbourhood.

01 September 2008

1st September

Happy Fasting to all Muslims
Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers
Happy Birthday to all 1st Sept babies.... and that includes me...