31 October 2008


Despite all the Salonpass patches that were pasted on me yesterday, I still woke up aching. If only I could continue zzzzzz....I wished. I got up, showered and again finished up the whole packet of Salonpass patches. I had 5 patches on each leg.

When I reached my work place, I tried to walk steadily but some still laughed at me. Nice... My partner did ask if my leg had recovered. No matter what...I still drive...the driving part wasn't the problem. It was the getting in and out of the car part as I could feel the strain just by doing that. I could not walk fast... so everything was done steady-pom-pi-pi...relaxs...act cool only.

I survived the day...

It was a hot day. The air-con...can't depend on that. It felt more like a blower. Guess even the car cannot stand the hot weather. As we entered the car and sat down, I said "Wah my butt is hot!"...out of nowhere, my partner answered, "Yes that's what everyone says"...eh eh... *faints* cheeky cheeky ah... This is what happens when you are working in a male environment. Seriously...they do look at your butt! Hey this butt lady can run okay...

No more Salonpass patches tonight. Finished!

30 October 2008


Today's event proved that I still have what it takes as a sprinter... Yay! At this age and in this body...cool! So our division had Sports Day earlier on (Sports Day - sounds so schooly). As the defending champion for last year 100m event, I still managed to keep that title for this year. That was a close shave. I nearly gave up about 20-30 metres away from the finishing line. Reason being...I could already feel my thigh muscle beginning to pull. I slowed down coz I didn't want history to repeat itself.

Back in Sec 3, while running for the 100m event, I had a very bad muscle pull and forcing myself only made it worst. Just for the record, I came in 4th back then. And it was only the first event! In the end, I could not participate in other events and so was I damn disappointed.

So back to the point, I slowed down but I still managed to maintain my lead. I sped up again only when I was really nearing the ending point. Phew!

This year, my npc topped the 4x100m mixed relay. We were too good..haha..no lah. Seriously, we did good as a team. All the ladies were made to be the second runner..which was weird coz last year, we were free to choose which runner we wanted to be. Anyway second runner was fine with me as long as it is just a straight dash. My team comprised of Firdaus, Nazeer and Azman...all of which, I have never run with before.

I have such wonderful friends...after the relay..they asked..."how come you run so fast?"...."mr wong chasing you ar?"..."you running away from someone ar?" knn

No pain no gain...how so true. I ended up with a strain here and there. For now, salonpass patches are all over my body. Need to recover asap...work tomorrow and I need to drive.

2 more medals (why medals, not trophy?) to be added to my collection...I love my collection...

28 October 2008

Ex Bf Ex Gf

Yesterday was a busy day for me at work. It seemed that all those who came happened to be someone I know/heard or seen before/attended to.

One of which...

I was attending to this uncle. As I was looking at his name (unique surname)...and his address (I know where that is)...I thought hmmm so very familiar. I asked if he was so and so father...he said yes and he asked me if I know his daughter? I actually said no *wth*....so I just told him..oh she was my friend's friend and that we were in the same school.

Indeed! Truthfully, he is the father of my ex bf's ex gf... figure that out!

26 October 2008

Quotes From Emails

Up to date, I have 466 messages in my email inbox!

So as I was reading my emails and trying to delete as many emails as I possibly can bear to (I have a bad habit of being sentimental), I came across these... quoting from some emails...

So if you think you were the one who had sent these...sshhh...

Email from a friend when told that I was getting engaged:
"Woah! Nampaknya saya ni takde chance ler!

Hehehe... just kidding..."

Email from another guy friend after expressing his feelings to me:
"its been a real pleasure meeting n getting to noe a girl with such a weird and confusing, but adorable character like u"

Email from my bunk sister after her engagement:
"and not forgetting, my bunk sistas (seri, jiayi, adz, kaya & jasmine)...too bad Vee can't make it. but the rest of u did!! terubat rinduku pada seri.. miz her so much..after so long, get to see her. thx girls for all ur support. not forgetting, bryan & nizam. thx a lot for coming"

Email from another guy buddy:
"find other job la please. the xxxxx sucks. u both got good qualification so find something that suits"

25 October 2008

Forever Friends

Saidah and I dropped by a friend's house today...UNINVITED! We were actually looking for a friend whom had gone MIA for damn long. So since Saidah wanted to invite her to her wedding, which is next month by the way, we decided to go to her house to look for her.

Unfortunately, she was not home. But we managed to see her mum. Since her mum could not speak, we tried our best to use sign language to her (and we are so bad at it). Her mum seemed excited though and she was telling us some stuff. There was another girl in the house and we managed to get the contact number through her. Saidah called her immediately while we were still at the house.

After talking to her on the phone, Saidah passed the phone to me. When I heard her voice, my god, it was like...Awww...I miss her. I felt like crying actually. Afterall, I have known since we were 7 I think. A lot of questions I wanted to ask but over the phone...not so convenient and she was at work.

Was she avoiding us? Did we offend her? What happened? We are still friends aren't we?

I certainly hope she turn up on Saidah wedding.

I want to hug her...

I want things to turn out good...and for us to get together like before. After this, there is another friend whom I like to get re-acquainted again.

22 October 2008

All In A Name

My name is Seri *dot dot dot*. Those who knows me, you know what my full name is. The point is, call me by my first name - SERI. Not Ayu unless you grow up knowing me by that name.

Besides that I have a nick too - YEE. It was given by my guy buddy (a friend whom I got to know in a weird way). He didn't want to call me by my name so he thought of a nick that goes with my name. That nick kind of got stuck with me. I use it for my email address and also as my initials.

And I have a Chinese name too - XUELI (as given by my poly mates). Coincidentally, 'YEE' can also be a surname. So my full Chinese name is YEE XUELI. Cool eh... For those aunties who can't pronounce my name, I just say I am Xueli. Hee...

20 October 2008

My Precious

I love my husband. Well, who doesn't right? As age catches up (not that I am that old), I wonder how my life would be like without him. With the demise of my close ones be it young or old, the thought of losing another scares me...so much so if it is someone much much close to me.

Everyday, I recounted the days that we used to spend together. How we...from foes...become a couple (with the help of SC Derek and a cake). How things kickstart...A simple sms becomes our first date, a simple question posed...a relationship blossomed.

Many would think that I was the one who courted him. How so wrong you people are! As much as I would love to reveal the details, as of now, let this be a secret between him and me (you all should know how his ego is like...if were to tell, he will lose face).

It didn't take long for our friendship to blossomed to a relationship (it took longer for us to be from colleagues to friends!).

Let's see...
28.02.03 - colleagues
01.09.03 - friends
(27 days)
28.09.03 - couple
(6 mths)
20.03.04 - fiance/fiancee
(2 yrs)
22.01.06 - husband/wife

Love is blind. For real.

He is the champ. I am the mrs.

15 October 2008

Blue Black

3rd day...and I am bruised all over. Not to mention the muscle aches. Not sure whether to regret or not to...for agreeing to take over someone to go for this course. Crazy me.

1 more day to go.

As the batch for this round was too large (61 in total), they had to break us into groups. My practical test was conducted today. Ayang will be tomorrow. Still not completed yet as we still have 8 more techniques to go plus the theory test and additional 'coaching' practical.

I am dead beat. I can't stand this kind of working hours. Help me!

13 October 2008

32 Training Hours

Today was the first day of my instructor course. A bit sian la it is so far away and cannot go back so early. Waste petrol too coz of the traffic jam at expressway.

4 day course...meaning I have 3 days more to go. All these because of one person, who....was initially selected by lady boss to participate in this course. But he 'tai-chi-ed' it to me. Plus I was also arrowed by AK. Not that I mind...I just hope my ankle does not act up.

At least I am not alone. Ayang is in it too...so not so bad, have company.

Tomorrow is another long day.

02 October 2008


Just came back from raya visiting. Full to the brim *can't imagine all the kilos that I am going to gain back* & Shacked... laundry 1st, then off to bed. Peace... See you all tomorrow.

01 October 2008

Bye Ramadhan

The day that we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Ramadhan has come to an end and we now welcome Syawal with open arms. Ramadhan - 30 days of abstaining from food, drink and sex *smile*...and also bad habits such as getting angry, using bad words, gossip, flirting etc....

This year, the first day of Ramadhan falls on teachers' day whereas first day of raya coincides with childrens' day. What a match...

I am on leave tonight but Ayang has to work (manpower issues). That leaves me all alone.... to deal with all the last minute thinggy. As at press time, red packet done.. kuih muih done.. curtains+blinds done.. laundry + ironing done.. mopping+vacuuming done. Only the bedrooms are messy. Wth...

I can't get to sleep coz there is no one for me to hug. At this same moment, I am texting Sunny (haha he has to partner Nazeer - confirm suay).

Sunny: Y fazil never take leave?
Seri: Wat else..Manpower lor. Shucks.. Cannot get 2 sleep w/o him leh.. Haha.. U don vomit hor
Sunny: Are u horny? Pls dun do this in front of me..eeee..dun act like _ _ _ (name of someone - fill in the blanks)
Seri: Of coz nt.. Wat I meant was.. Miss him la gundu. I m nt a sex maniac liker her. Sex 24/7.. Definitely nt gonna tell e whole world either.
Sunny: Ha..haiz..ok..still dun wanna sleep?
Seri: Told u..no one 2 hug mah. Hw 2 sleep. I m blogging nw.
Sunny: Ha..u nonsense kepala momo.. 324 5 mins before oe..everytime like that **see told u so...confirm suay**

Ever since the demise of nenek dearest, raya has never been the same. I used to look forward to visiting her. I miss her so much. Such a great loss...but if she is still alive, there might be things that might probably upset her. Rest in peace NEK HINDON. I shall always pray for you.

Anyways, I have reverted to sending hari raya card...electronically that is. SMS-es are a bit boring. For those who might not have received.... let me wish you and families...

"Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. For those who I might have hurt whether intentionally or unintentionally...whether recently or in the past...whether seen or not, please accept my apologies. I sincerely seek your forgiveness..truly...from the bottom of my heart. "

40minutes later:-
Sunny: Still blogging ar?
Seri: Hehe..
Sunny: You got so many things to write meh? Tmr how to wake up in time?
Seri: At most wake up late.. Canot sleep la.
Sunny: Excited for what..nonsense..might as well u work..ha..i want kueh kueh
Seri: *bish* me excited 4 wat? Nt s if i get angpao. $ go out haf la. Eh hw come u so free msg me. No one 2 entertain u there is it? Khekhekhe..
Sunny: Cos hari raya..my partner eating chips..wahaa..k lah..you go msg fazil! Night!
Seri: Eh don bully nazeer ok. U onli tango 6..Hahahaha...*no angry okay
Sunny: I know..we're friends...where got bully him..you are the one who keep on bullying me
Seri: Good boy. B humble n don play rank like u noe who. I taught u well. Gd job gd job.
Sunny: You taught me? Haha..
Seri: Yes.
Sunny: Nonsense...go sleep! Be good..dun act like _ _ _ (name of someone - fill in the blanks) ...just pure sleep
Seri: Ys boss. Soon.. Pls tell my husband i miss him. Tx.
Sunny: Nonsense..like as tho u dun have his number...
Seri: More romantic mah like dat.. Tx hor.
Sunny: I shall end this conversation..
Seri: Jz talk thru 2 1r2. FOC.
Sunny: Bye
Seri: How cld u.. Bad u.
Sunny: Nonsense
Seri: *blwek* bye momo