29 November 2008

Zip Up

Once again, I have been duped. For the second time for the month (I think), DMO but then ended up behind the counter. Not that I am complaining or what...sitting behind that counter so what right...just that, having partially recovered from my throat infection, I am now having dry cough. It is quite bad actually. While I was attending to someone, the cough attack came back that Sunny voluntarily took over for a while. Now my head hurts so much...side effects. Aww..

I still continued eating mangoes and watermelon despite strong objections from Sunny *grins*.

Grey clouds have moved over...I can see sunshine now...(translate).. My mood has gotten better now.

And someone noticed : )

: Good to hear your voice n c ur smile again :) was beginning to miss it

Haha..so touched *smile big big*

Anyway, joke of the day:

- Joe was standing in front of me and I was sitting down. I was looking at Joe's bag and noticed that the bag zipper was not properly secured/sealed. So I just pointed out to him, "Eh Joe your zip.." And I was so not expecting this reaction

--> Joe looked down at his crotch *slap my forehead*

It's Kamilah's birthday today - Happy Birthday GF!

1 month more to go before 2009. Superfast year...No! Don't cut my pay!!!!

(with regards to the previous post "nice of you to mention me in ur blog"....) ---> p/s: credits should be given when due

26 November 2008


*I want to go out but I can't go out with these puffy eyes*

Yesterday was a miserable day for me. I thought some sea breeze would do me good, but nah... I felt so low that I texted someone..

Seri: I nd 2 hear sumtg nice..Can u say sumtg nice 2 me?

The person replied...

: I like your smile :-) it warms me up always rem tat time i ............i was so damn tired but i got my energy back when I see u :-)

Ain't that sweet...

You know who you are...thanks a lot for the comforting words and lovely advice. *peace no war* : )

25 November 2008


I went to work in the morning yesterday, thinking that I can survive the whole day. But when I got to work, I felt so miserable. So I asked to report sick. I went to the doctor and was given 2 days mc.

When I entered the doctor's room..

Doctor: You were from school or what?
Me: Ah...no lah...from work actually

Then he realised...

Doctor: Oh ya you are working as a xxxx right? So still working at the same place?
Me: Yup...same old place
Doctor: You always carry a haversack to work ar?
Me: Yah *blur* (cannot meh?)

So he asked me what's wrong with me...checked me...and said that I had a throat infection.

He then asked about my work and how was it. I told him that I hate it and that I want to quit.

Doctor: Eh I thought you have accountancy diploma? No intention of upgrading?
Me: *thinking* wah you can remember ah? Yup...but not now la...very hard...

The doctor agreed with me. He said he knew quite a number of people like me who are struggling with shift works and studying part time. He urged to try anyway.

I have yet to fully recover. My fever has gotten much better. It's the coughing that keeps me awake. I have difficulties sleeping because of that. I even slept on the couch in the living room coz I didn't want to disturb his sleep. But I sneaked back at 3 in the morning.

24 November 2008

22nd November 2008

It was a beautiful wedding. The fact that I was down with a cough didn't put me down. The girls and I were at Saidah's place as early as 0930hrs as the akad nikah will be at 1100hrs. The tiredness from the day before still not yet recovered from. But I am not complaining..afterall it's my best friend's wedding.

Well everything turned out good. We got ourselves seats right in front. Guessed what?! Norin turned up for the wedding...great to see her again. It's been ages.

The whole event ended about 6 to 7 pm I think. One tiring day I must say but it is all worth it. Finally, my job is completed. Having put Hasrin and Saidah together 13 years ago....it feels good knowing that they ended up tying the knot. I still remember the time when Hasrin asked me to introduce him to her...and what happened at the void deck...the phonecall. We all know what rough patch this relationship had to undergo. The quarrels, the break ups, the patching up. Congrats to both for having to endure the sufferings and overcoming whatever obstacles.

New family...new home...selamat pengantin baru & happy birthday

*I will have the photos uploaded when I have recovered from this throat infection*

22 November 2008

21st November 2008

A few hours away from the solemnization ceremony. I just returned from Saidah place. Another long day later. The solemnization will be in the morning followed by the reception thereafter. I reached Saidah place about noon today. Just hanged around to see what she needed help with. I accompanied her to the nearby mall to have her hair trimmed as well as to run some last minute errands. I also helped out with wrapping the 'money box' and the bunga mangga pole. Made myself busy while at the same time planning something for Saidah birthday, which by the way, falls on the same day as her wedding day. Since we can't celebrate it with her tomorrow, Kamilah and I decided to get her a birthday cake and celebrate it in advance.

The last minute birthday cake

The Bride & Birthday Girl
Met Kamilah at the MPH where the wedding will be held. Called Saidah down saying that we wanted to take photos...NOT...! Just wanted to surprise her and have some privacy actually...away from the relatives.

We got her nothing for her birthday though. Hope the cake suffice...sorry gal.

Some pics of us!
Kamilah & I

Nuraihan, Me, Saidah & Kamilah

Kamilah & I
Their History and I'm in it!

20 November 2008

Steam Off

Liza is finally coming home for good in a week or so. So Mak, Bapak and Firdaus flew over to meet up with her and they will come back together. I was supposed to send them off 2 days ago, but by the time I reached the airport, they had already checked-in...*bish*...how stupid can I be.

Instead, I walked around T3 and bought some stuff from Mini Toons. Have not been in the best of moods for the past week and shopping is my therapy. I shall not discuss about what caused the unhappiness or what transpired. I do however try not to bring my current personal mood to work. I wish I can scream to my heart content but that will only cause annoyance to others. ..or bang my head against a wall but that will only bring hurt to myself....or smashed my car to a tree but that will not only hurt me but also damage my car....

I have been doing things that I should not and I think that I will be acting on something that I have been wanting to do for so long but held back because of someone.

Right now, I have fallen ill. I still go to work today because I cannot be bothered to go to the doctor. Doctors have never been my best of friends. Tomorrow I shall be on leave, but we shall see. My muscles are aching. The muscle relax pills I took does not seem to be working. I have to treat myself for now. What are husbands for? I don't know.

2 more days to Saidah big day. I can't wait. The 2 of them are finally going to tie the knot. Afterwhich, I can really say, "My job is complete". Hasrin, you treat my girlfriend good or I shall kill you. Not literally lah...

Will Norin be there? I do hope so...

18 November 2008

Behind Me And You

They called out my name but I was too lazy to entertain them, so I kept mum. Thinking that I was asleep, they 'gossipped' about me.

They were just outside the room and whatever they said could clearly be heard by me. Too lazy to rebutt verbally, I sent out an sms to Hafidz.

Seri (Hafidz): Stop gossipping about me...tell those monkeys.

But this Hafidz took sometime to realise that he had received an SMS. So I sent out another SMS to Kung Fu.

Seri (Kung Fu): Stop gossipping about me...u monkeys.

Kung Fu read it out loud and Roger replied...plus some rebuttals from me.

Roger (Seri): My socks got hole again ha ha ha.
Seri (Roger): Nonsense. Stop talking abt my butt esp ah kong. N yes...i m jo lo n i haf figure 8.
Roger (Seri): Si Ong say his underwear got hole. Hafidz got wear he like his brother to b safe n secure.
Seri (Roger): I noe i heard. Wear or not, none of my business. Unless u wan dat in my blog. N tell ah kong, i m not shy datz y my butt is firm.

Some conversation outside about butt will sag when old etc.

Seri (Roger): My butt wont sag wen i grow old

Roger then said out loud, "But your breasts will"..*laughter in the background*

Seri (Roger): Jz like ur balls will shrink

When shift ends, while in the office. Tau Boon was trying out some card tricks on me. Suddenly, Roger exclaimed, "Wahlau who farted? So smelly!"

The guilty one then rushed out of the room and while rushing out said,"Sorry sorry come out cannot feel."


Poor Roger...the butt was directly in front of his face. Combustion!. Lucky for me I couldn't smell because prior to that I had inhaled VICKS Inhaler into my nostril (macam tahu ajer).

16 November 2008


At the end of the shift, Roger took off his boots and tadaaa...his socks were torn at the back. "Not paiseh meh if you have to take off your boots and enter someone else's house."

"If cannot afford to buy new one, nah I give you mine."...so I took off one of my socks and hurled it at him. Gosh I am gross. A new discovery made - I wore 2 layers of socks! They wonder why?! Nothing new actually coz I have been wearing 2 layers since my training days. I hate it because we have to wear black colour socks all day. When your feet perspire or when it rains and ur feet get wet, ur toe nails will tend to become blackish. In order to keep my toes looking good, I wore a white colour pair of socks as the first layer. Problem solved.

Weird? Maybe...maybe not. That's just me.

Talking about socks. I remember those days....my younger days....school socks....you know the rubber tend to wear out and they become loose right? The solution - rubber band. I use the rubber band and roll down my socks like a doughnut (and I know that there used to be many others - Joe you were also one of them). Cute right? Those kids in school used to call me 'doughnut'...stupid fellas.

14 November 2008

Nasi Lemak

I had a good laugh today...Joe Joe...all because of Nasi Lemak. I laughed so hard that I could hardly open my eyes. The other fella sitting behind, Muhaimin, was also laughing, yet Joe was oblivious as what the joke was all about. Luckily traffic volume was still light, otherwise I might have probably get myself into an accident. After dropping Muhaimin off and driving ourselves back to our workplace, I was still laughing at Joe.

After 12 hour of no sleep...that could have caused the hallucinations.

Basically the gist is:-

Talking about Changi Nasi Lemak..

Joe (asking Muhaimin): Eh that side still selling that nasi lemak or not?
Muhaimin: Which one?
Joe: That one ar..the one that the makcik selling ar (haha....and I was thinking.. wah that side a lot of makcik selling nasi lemak leh)
Muhaimin: But most of them makcik sell what (hah...we think alike!)


Joe: but sometimes got uncle sell mah (trying to defend himself)...you know that one...that nasi lemak stall
Seri: Muhaimin, just say have lah..otherwise he will start describing to you how the makcik looks like

Not wanting to give up, Joe continued to describe the nasi lemak itself...

Joe: That one got this la, got that la......*bla bla bla*...
Muhaimin: That one common what...most of the nasi lemak have
Seri: Eh Joe, your nasi lemak....what time of rice they serve? The 'nasi lemak' rice or the normal plain rice? (I was actually trying to be sarcastic..since he was already describing the nasi lemak but missed out on the rice)
Joe: Yalah..the nasi lemak rice lah...
And he goes on describing
Joe: The one with the pandan (laughter in the background) Got other kind of rice meh?

Muhaimin and I were already laughing our heads off. Maybe you all may either not find this funny or even get the joke at all. But damn was that funny earlier. You should have seen the look on his face and how he was describing the rice.

So I told Joe that I was just being sarcastic.

While having breakfast together after work, I said to Joe.

Seri: Next time if you order nasi lemak for breakfast from me, I will order just plain rice for you
Joe: *grin*

08 November 2008

Same Name

Came to work today and was greeted by, "Eh your name in Newpaper ah". I was like...."Huh?" *stoned*.

Then someone messaged me and asked, "Eh babe...you ok anot? Anything can talk...". Again...I went "Huh?"

What is wrong with them?

I was the hospital earlier...some work stuff. Seeing that there were many patients, I just commented (trying to get a conversation started), "Wah busy day huh." The nurse acknowledged and then I said, "Saturday also so many ar? I thought only weekdays busy because people want to take mc." Hee...so as I was talking, the nurse kept looking at my name tag. A bit strange right...until she said, "Eh your name appeared on the papers today." Eh eh... how cute is that? She can actually remember that. I don't remember any names that appeared on the papers!

So apparently, in today's NEWPAPER, there was this news about a lady falling off from whichever story...bla bla bla...I didn't bother to read the whole story. The point is there was this nursing student I think, who happen to be there when the whole thing happen. Coincidentally her name is similar to mine except for the Binte so and so. Just for the record, that was not me. She is 19...and I am slightly way above that range. Hee...

I wish I am 19.... or younger??

A few hours at the hospital, so I told KF to help fax over something and guessed what he wrote?
To: Small Butt (Seri)


Yesh...that's my nick in the team, besides Mrs Champ (a name which I acquired after marrying Mr Champ). My butt ain't that small but I am known as Small Butt (but firm) because between us 2 girls in the team, mine is much smaller :- ) than the other one. I am called Small Butt and the other Big Butt. You see! Men...so chee ko pek right!

07 November 2008


And so she has received the surprise...*starjumps*

Wanting to cheer her up, I ordered this for her online yesterday and had it delivered today to her place. Since we girlfriends are all busy with work and stuff...and meeting up requires some form of arrangement, hope this small gesture will bring a smile to her face.

+ a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate

Along with a message:
Message To : >Saidah

Message : >Hope this will cheer you up despite all the current happenings. Stay positive and be happy! We look forward to your wedding!

Message From : >Your girlfriends, Seri & Siti

So at 1910hrs, SMS received from her...

Saidah: Hey sistaz, juz got ur present. So sweet..tho I havent open it :-) haha. It definitely cheered my day. Tks tks. . . looking 4ward 2 havg u 2 by my side on my Big Day!

Seri: Haha...jz chocolates bt jz a little sumtg 2 brighten ur days. Countg down!

26 36

And so I passed. So time consuming and so heart wrenching but it feels good to have passed. My hands smell of lead.

06 November 2008

Ups And Downs

26 29..it just crossed my mind...That's our age! So suay...

My girlfriend is feeling the pressure now. Just 2 more weeks to her big day....I got news that her grandmum had passed away and her dad was admitted to the hospital (discharged already though). Getting the keys to her new house on Friday and she will need to have the place cleaned up for the wedding. Work...no need to say lah. With so many issues on hand, stress for sure...but don't fret girl. Kamilah and I will be behind you.

Hope to cheer you up...just wait!

Love you loads....

05 November 2008

26 29

No good news. Just 5 more points *hmmph*

04 November 2008

Armed Or Unarmed?

Shooting is tomorrow and I am such a freak now. Always bad news, never good. I have yet to fully recover from my muscle aches . I will have problems with the kneeling position as I can't bend my knees properly. My thighs still hurt. *roar*

I was asked why I did not turn up for the PSA badminton tournament that day. I mean...come on....My muscles are still having the aftershock from the run. I walked as though I have piles...how to play? If I were to partipate even, I won't be able to last the entire duration. Badminton ain't a slow game you know. I need to move...fast. Anyway, I did 'RSVP' to inform that I won't be turning up. I am pretty sure the rest can still function without me.

My cousin got engaged on Sunday. Believe it or not, I am going to have 4 weddings next year..or even 5. Can't escape coz all these are very close related. Why is it that nowadays people only get engaged for a while...sometimes less than a year...and then get married.

Got to sleep now...need to have sufficient rest for tomorrow...

So wish me luck everyone!