30 December 2008


I have yet to congratulate my girlfriend for the birth of her second prince on 28.12.08 -Afiq. CONGRATS many many IBU! Hehe....

2 more days to 2009 - a brand new year! I will be celebrating my new year with erm...Roger? in the car...haha... wth

It sure is gonna be a busy busy day tomorrow...

New year means...school will be re-opening. So not good. It has been a good 2 months of no traffic jams - no school kids going to school! Now...erghh...hate it.

It better be a fun January...with DnD & SURPRISE & overseas trips! 3rd year wedding anniversary coming soon.....Can't wait can't wait...

New Year Resolution? None thus far.... *puts on thinking cap*

29 December 2008

Double Date

Some R & R yesterday...

Had a game of badminton yesterday afternoon with husby, SIL+fiance and BIL. SIL - Liza booked a court at Sengkang Sports Hall - a first time for me there. All was fine except that we could feel a little breeze from inside the hall itself causing a minor disruption to the shuttlecock. And as per normal, I am feeling the ache now, due to lack of warming up.

Liza and Zali then chio us a for movie at E-hub. Kind of like a double date... So we went to watch IP MAN...and damn was that movie good or what?! Impressive...please go watch it and be awed! No wonder my dad kept saying that movie was good when he came over during Xmas. After the movie, we had dinner together at ermm...BBQ Chicken? Is that the name of the restaurant huh? The fun didn't just stop there. Liza and Zali then came over to our house where we rocked the house with Guitar Hero...Them showing off their newly acquired talent and us...way too good for them. Haha... The day ended at about 0100hrs... with me asking husby..."Have you ever thought that you would ever go on a double date with your sister??" : )

28 December 2008

Can We Still Be Friends?

We've made an agreement to make peace. Start anew and forget the past.

It's a deal...for the sake of the team, for our sake.

*peace* people...

27 December 2008

What Does Your Birth Date Means

RESULTS: You are an Idealist

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

26 December 2008


Seems like the year 2 0 0 8, does not wish to go without a 'BANG' for me.

It started out with hubby issues, worrying for Sunny and now this...


I am lost as to what to do now.


I am lost as to where I have gone wrong.


I do wish that I get lost out there.


I have lost 2 best friends in a day.

I came to work today. Positive and cheerful. Not long after...even before the seat gets warm, it has to happen. Things erupted quite badly until it has come to a point that a change of partner is necessary. It is not something that I want. I never mentioned that I wanted to....since he asked...oh well...it took me some time to come to that decision. I have to do something. Work comes first and I have to act rationale. As an in-charge, I can't let this affect the course of work for today. We can't be debating with each other in the car for the next 12 hour.

When it has got to a point of changing partners, that shows how severe things had gotten. I am clueless...Suddenly everything becomes my fault...from whatever lah. Even planning the roster became a problem. Seriously...whatever I did, I did for the sake of planning the roster. No ill-intentions. If everything that I do or say comes along with ill-intentions, then that really makes me an evil person. If I am such a person...please anyone, do tell that to my face.

I erupted at work...from confused to sadness to anger...so many emotions in a day. I even threw my handphone against the wall.

It sucks to have lost 2 best friends, in a span of a day. I feel as though I am walking around arm-less ~ no right arm, no left arm.

No more Jalan Kayu late night supper...no more Simpang Bedok...gone

The damages have been done...can it be undone? Maybe...maybe not.

Best friends...that's all I asked for. Is that too much?

*dig me a grave and I will bury myself in it*

25 December 2008

What A Xmas

Merry Christmas peeps!

I just had some guests over for Xmas celebration...Haha no lah...Kidding ~ It's just my parents and my elder brother. Mum brought some food for us, which is good, because I need not cook today. Bro tried to his hands on Guitar Here and ar.....*no comments*...Try harder... Haha

Prior to that, I was doing the laundry and some chores. Sux ar...doing chores on Xmas Day! I hope it doesn't rain today or else my uniform can't dry on time.

To all those who are feeling down, blue or feels like nothing is going their way, please Cheer Up! It is a day of giving and sharing...suppose to be fun right... *smile* So open up your presents and be merry.....

I have been spending quite a lot lately...besides the 800 bucks that I spent previously during my...let's just say, retail therapy moments, I spent another couple of thousands on something (surprise), and another thousand over for a built in wardrobe. I can hear money going "kaching" but instead of a DR, it is a CR in my account book. : (

*off to continue my chores now...and recalculate my finance

24 December 2008


I am still waiting for a confirmation from the website...I hate waiting and hope there is no screw up. *sulk*
yay! got it at press time...


And planning more!

Yes besides that...my red car mat is here!

(I am full of crap now coz I have yet to sleep since I came back from night shift...hubby sleeping peacefully on the sofa...shucks)

23 December 2008

Good & Bad

Did I mention that Sunny is back...as in his mood? Hurray! Whether the problem at hand has been resolved or not, I do not know. One thing for sure, I am happy to have the old self back. Smile and be merry my friend.

Work was fine earlier...static for the first 6 hours...just sitting down and looking pretty (something that I am good at) Haha... *shameless* smile here smile there, acting like a beauty queen.. NOT!

Besides that, gave some pep talk to a 15-yr old girl and sharing my life experience with her. And for the first time at work, I had someone her age, kissing my hand and said 'Thank You Kak Seri'. It felt ackward...I remember saying to her, "I was your age before...bla bla bla" and saying that makes me feel old or realise how long ago that has been.

I have some kind of a lump on my lower cheek/gum area...beats me...it was never there before. Initially, thought it was a pimple but I was wrong. Hope it goes away and that it is not a cyst like what Mr Ong says. He is scaring me. Or could it be my tooth or something. I don't know.

Work is okay for now, family life in order, team mates...best of the best, friends..I love them. Yet I am still in a turmoil right now. *confused* *thinking* I can forsee pimples developing at a rate like this. The more I think...the more confusing it gets.

20 December 2008


There is an ugly black patch on my car left rear : (

Hubby side swiped with the MSCP pillar while reversing to park. No dents...only that the paint was scraped off.
We went to my bunk mate's wedding at Boon Keng Road earlier. Speaking of which, the girls and I found it odd as to why there are policemen standing there as if they were waiting for something. Initially, we made a joke out of it. It was only after the groom had arrived and all that we found out what's going on with the police presence.

Our Mr President was there! Really...for real. No kidding... Why? *clueless*

So...Our 'Minah Rock' has finally tied the knot. Congrats Lin...and one more thing..."sorry for my clumsiness earlier on"...you know what I mean...

19 December 2008

What A Hicky! : )


Hubby got home from Friday prayers with a suprise. He came home with a bouquet of flowers in hand - flowers just for me! *geez & thanks*

And he bought himself a new handphone - HTC - to replace his recently spoilt Dopod. I want to change my handphone too *sulk*. But my handphone is still in good condition and it will be a waste to change. I want a new handphone!!

*on leave today!* I sent hubby to work today and another surprise! After the as-per-normal salam and goodbye kiss, he said "I love you" to me... *blush* (it has been so so long my dear)..

And that's not all...there is yet another suprise....ermmm...that's between Sunny and me only I hope. Not sure if anyone else were to see it..or them...("How was last night or this afternoon?).. *paiseh ar*

*off to play Guitar Hero!*

16 December 2008

Bananas Del Monte

*Bananas Del Monte*! - dats me!

Overall, last night was a smooth but tiring shift. But it had to end that way *shucks*. I don't deny I did it...caught red handed some more *raised up hands*. I was tired. Really. Outcome = Extra duty *shrugs shoulder*

Something has been bothering a friend of mine lately. No one really knows what. It it me? us? the team? family? gf? Was it something that I said? I wish I know. One day he was fine, the next day *ke belakang pusing* 180 degree change. Many of us are worried. We can see the change..it is drastic. Where is the once positive and happy go lucky friend that I once know? I do hope that there is something that I can do...but I don't even know the problem lies..where do I start? Many a times, I tried to break into him, but all he can say is "I am ok". You do not look or act okay my friend.

Will he get back to his normal self again? I pray he would...he sure ain't himself. Nothing else left to say..except that "We miss you".

14 December 2008

Shopping List

As I was saying, I went shopping yesterday. It wasn't planned. My intention to go to Tampines Central was to get some necessities but having bought what I had intended, the shopping devil got the better of me.

I went to and fro...from Tampines Mall to Century Square to Tampines Mall. I bought whatever fancies me - picked it up, look here look there, tried it on if necessary, then make payment without even looking at the price tag!

When I reached home, I didn't dare look at the receipts and calculate how much I had spent.

So now here it goes..the listing of the things that I had spent on just yesterday.

- 1 casual shirt from G2000 - $59
- 1 formal pants from G2000 - $69
- 2 pair of shoes from Americaya - $86.13
- Some bras and panties from Triumph - $234.30
- 1 leggings from Giordano - $23
- 1 top from Trunkshop - $33
- 1 corset from Impression - $39.90
- 1 book from Times Bookshop - $44.83
- 1 ink cartridge - $24.30
- 2 makeup remover from Fancl (Isetan) - $59.50
- 1 vest from Esprit - $79.90
- 1 sweater from Esprit - $59.90
- 1 set of towel + slipper - $21.90

that all adds up to........$834.66

oh well....*hands tied up behind my back now* kns spend so much

And while I was at Triumph, there was this female customer who having tried on a pair of bra I assume, went up to the salesperson and said, "There are some empty spaces in between (you know what)". So the salesperson said, "Oh then maybe you need to try on another size..Cup C. This one is one Cup bigger." The customer replied, "Huh...you mean I am not a Cup D ar." *bang balls* What is the big deal...anyway hers doesn't look like a Cup D to me. Gosh!

10 December 2008


I would like to share a riddle with you but on second thought, I think I shall save myself the shame coz it is lame. But the weird thing is, each time I try to ask someone this, I ended laughing before I even begin (and it is not even suppose to be funny).

There is another one but it is kind of a racial thing so I shall leave it as that.

People like shaik, sunny, faisal, joe, tau boon and whoever was in the room earlier, would know which joke I was referring to : )

We are all still deciding on which date will be the most preferred dates to go to Ubin for our team bonding thinggy. I am half hearted about this though. I would love to go but at the same time I do not feel like going. Confusing? That's me! I guess it really depends on who will go in the end. Most likely it will be in Feb..tbc

D n D next year and yay! it falls on our off day. Thereafter, I am planning something special. *secret*

The last month has been a rather trying month for me. Many things happened but I think things are progressing rather okay. Some shady areas had also been highlighted and hopefully cleared. For now, I haven chosen to either forgive or forget only and not both. When things were going downhill, I am glad that I have found a friend in someone, whom at this moment, I am still trying to get to know better. Besides him, I believe that someone else might also add to the list of that friend whom I can confide in too and vice-versa.

Good news! Bonus month$$$$$$$...

09 December 2008

Missing You

"I very much want to say I miss u but not ur case.."

p/s Of course I miss you too silly...you just do not know how much.

08 December 2008


I vented out my anger..my frustrations at work last night. It was over many many small incidents, that followed soon after another on that day itself. Minor ones actually but it made my heart boil.

As I was relating the incidents, the more heated I get. I kicked anything that my legs could reach. I really did. Not once, not twice, not thrice...much much more that that. Even after the kicking, I felt that there were still much more anger in me.

It did feel good though having done that. That was the first time that I have ever done that...at least not there.

07 December 2008


Great supper and great chatting session. Met up with Sunny and Joe for supper. It wasn't planned and was rather last minute. We all met up at Jalan Kayu and while we were there, I ran upon Faridah & hubby (baju mcm sama ajer kelmarin jumpa kat kallang) and also Terence. Terence joined us three eventually. We chat about many things under the night sky and the fan : ) In fact, we stayed on longer than expected. It was nice to be able to have a proper chat and not being interrupted by work related issues (the set and the m.o.p). It would be fun if the others could join, instead of always at the same place..opposite. I kind of just reached home. I can't sleep because somehow I am wide awake now as compared to how I was earlier at work. It was either the 2 cups of teh tarik or the wonderful chat topics - from relationship to kinky stuff, from one person to another person, gossips and hatred..etc

05 December 2008

Home Alone

Home alone today and for the next couple of days. Hubby went for some camping at god knows where, which means I need not cook for the next few days or at least I do not need to worry about having to fill my husband's stomache.

I was supposed to be doing some chores today but felt lazy. I have been facing this computer since noon editing some pics and uploading them into websites.

Hari Raya Haji is on Monday but I am working night this Sunday. Not sure whether I am still involved in some work in the afternoon though, but if I am, then I will give the visits a pass.

The house is pretty quiet with no one else around. Kind of spooky too : ) I am bored but I know not what to do.

Yesterday, met up with my gfs and hubbies at Kallang Mac for dinner and to take a look at Saidah's wedding photos and videos. I told Faridah not to be punctual coz the other 2 have a history of being late. Trust me - I was the one who always ended up waiting for the past few years. Bad Bad habit. I intended to come late too so I left home a bit late. Furthermore I kind of forgot how to drive there. Believe it or not, I was the first one to reach and I still reached there on time. BUMMER! I am so bad at being late...

Overall, it was fun with some jokes here and there, minus Aqil's crying here and there. Faridah received a stupid reply from me and I ended up laughing at myself and Hasrin shaking his head....haha...Love you people : ) More meet-ups please..

p/s: Joe said I am talkative in my blog..am I? And Roger, you owe me a favour.

04 December 2008


Great weather to be sleeping in. Raining cats and dogs since I slept in at noon just now. Feeling so lazy to wake up but some chores needed to be done before meeting my girlfriends later. Rain means no sun..and so my laundry still not dry yet. The top that I wanted to wear also still damp. Now have to find other top to wear.

I have yet to take a shower but I still smell good *smiles*

Car Wash

I pulled and twisted Roger's left ear today : ) and it turned red. Ray was asking me about that day car washing with Joe..bla bla bla...and Roger made a comment, which deserved that twisting of the ear. So you want to throw water at me eh...Come Roger, let us wash our car together some day. Why not you clean mine and I clean yours...coz yours smaller and suit my size. Hehe..

Told Joe that day...I felt like a maid washing the car with the employer. Haha... Yes Sir, wash here sir? Ok Sir..

And I think I ended up visiting more carparks then I do while on duty.