27 January 2009

Everything New

Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese and non-chinese who are celebrating the new year. May it be a prosperous Year of the Ox. Good luck good luck.

Hopefully good luck lingers around me....hard to say since Roger changed my password to 44444444 (die so many times leh) some time ago. It was supposed to be UUUUUUUU. wth.

So new year, new things, new events...

New - Hairdo
I cut my own hair yesterday....by myself. I split them into 2 and cut straight on each side : ) this is the result of being so lazy to step into the hair salon. Don't think anyone can tell lah...hopefully.

New - Flats
Some of the occupants have moved into their new flats in Tampines and already there have been...oh well *please stop building more flats in Tampines* It is overcrowded already as it is.

New - Mall
The new shopping mall is still in progress...not sure when is the completion date though. Again...oh well *please stop building more shopping malls in Tampines. 2 ain't enough meh?

New - NRIC
Having turned 30 this year, Husby received the notification to have his NRIC 'renewed' - ie. change of photo. I had submitted everything online for him and waiting now.

New - Family Members
Like I said before, there will be quite a number of weddings this year for me. I will be welcoming a SIL (brother's wife to be), BIL? (sister-in-law's husband to be), CIL (cousin's husband to be). Many many addition to the family tree....

The only thing that is not new....

New - Job
Unlikely...from the look of it : (

22 January 2009


Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to Mr & Mrs Champ....Us...

14 January 2009

The Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak - Bali

The main entrance to our villa

The entrance to the bedroom

The bed

The verandah

The view from the bedroom

The shower

The bath tub & shower

The wash basins

The toilet

The private pool

The other door leading to the toilet

The courtyard
The kitchen


Let's talk about the birthday day treat. Well, it has always been a norm for us to go away on my birthday. But since my birthday for this year will fall on fasting month again, I decided to bring the trip forward on his birthday instead....and to make it more special...as a surprise : )

I was stucked between Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, Bali. Taking time, economic, safety and planning factors into consideration, I opted for Bali.

Being in the same line, it was easy for me....it started with the booking of the leave slots for Ayang, which was simply done with the help of Kak Nazreen and Abang Suhaini. The trip was easily booked online...no hassle coz I am an online type of person. The only problem was looking for the hotel and deciding on which beach. Initially the plan was Kuta Beach and Hard Rock Bali Hotel was one of the option...but it was full so I had to find other options.

I nearly came to a dead end. Looked through some books and somehow I thought of finding one with a private pool for a change and also a hotel which is away from human traffic and noise - for relaxation purposes. I managed to find one online...in Seminyak area. It is away from the beach and shops but with that particular package, comes along free shuttle to Kuta and Seminyak area....so not so worrying.

He kind of suspected that something was going on but he can't put his finger on it. I pretended like everthing was as per normal and even asked if he had booked his leave for his birthday. He eventually did and called me saying that his name is third on the list. He said his TL name was first *me smiling*.

Having everything settled, I was only waiting for the day to let him know of this trip. I can't possibly tell him at the last minute right...then who is going to help me pack?! Haha... So while at work, I managed to meet up with him and pass him the leaving state form, for him to pass to his side. Looking at the form, he said on those dates, there will be a leave freeze (as he was informed by someone. I just said, "No such thing...ask your TL". Tadaa.....

*evil me*

Everything went perfectly until on the day of the trip. I could not get any direct flights to Denpasar/Bali. So we had to transit at Jakarta for about 4 hours and that was where the headache comes about.

The ticket that we had stated that the boarding gate will be at F4. When we first arrived at Jakarta, we asked how to get to that gate. We were told that we have to go to..in their terms "ekor enam", meaning E6. Ayang and I looked at each other. Why go to E6 when our gate is F4. Puzzling and worrying too... I didn't want to be taking the wrong flight and ending up elsewhere. We just waited.

An hour before the flight, we decided to go through the security. When we wanted to enter, he said ours is F4 so we would have to go throught that gate and directed to us how to get there. *Blur* Wat sia...just now the others told us to go through that gate.

So....we went to the other end as directed and came across an officer there...showed him our tickets and he said No! He said that we have to ho to E6. Aarghh wth....

We walked back to E6 and the same officer earlier was clueless himself but he did let us in. We walked towards E6 and asked the lady. She said ok and told us to wait at the waiting area. Finally, they called for us. We were led down the staircase and onto a bus. ????? The bus then drove us to gate F4... what the cookoo... Now we know why everyone kept telling us to go to E6. It's because, gate F4 was like quite a distance to walk to from where we were. So they had to shuttle us to the gate itself.

I was telling Ayang...if this is in Singapore...mesti dah kena complain.

What a way to start the trip ay.. We arrived at Denpasar/Bali and was brought to our villa - The Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak.

13 January 2009


I am now in the comfort of my own home. After 6 days away...slightly felt home sick, unlike the time when we were in Bangkok (in which I didn't want to come back)!... No more Bali for me. I didn't quite like it as much as compared to Thailand.

Updates on the trip tomorrow maybe.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 10am. Sucks... *dreading it*

20th - Bintan here I come. : )

11 January 2009

Happy 30th

Miss me anyone? Hahaha...... I am still in Bali. Coming home tomorrow. I was enjoying myself until yesterday because my tooth hurts. The pain is so excruciating. Now I can't wait to come home. Out of desperation, I called my dentist to make an appointment when I get back. It must be the tooth that the dentist recommended me for root canal during my last visit. I just finished my facial and husby just had his foot massage. I am still in pain and now relying a lot on pain killer. Not much shopping done for now because our villa is far away from any shopping area. Shuttle to Kuta area is free though. We have been swimming in our private pool and watching dvds in our villa. It's been raining cats and dogs since we came so not much can be done.

Happy Birthday Dear... big 3 0 today but don't worry you still look good and I love you still. Hope you love this birthday trip : ) specially meant for you.

05 January 2009


There are many things that I would probably want to express but leave it at that.

This is sickening.

04 January 2009


Roger Roger....only 4 letters to describe you yesterday - S H I T


Roger was my partner last night and about 1 hour or so to reporting off he ar....as he entered the car, he exclaimed "How come so smelly!!!" I was also about to enter the car and I could smell the stench. Damn...I was thinking that I had better not stepped on some shit. As I was checking on my soles...Roger blurted out that it was HIM!

He got out of the car and I told him to jolly well go and clean that shit off. I am so not going to drive off with that shit on his soles. The smell was terrible... So pungent. My gawd! He must have stepped on some fresh shit! As he went off to wash that shit off, I was spraying the car with some air freshener. (Gosh...even that fella whom I brought back with dried shit all over his body, didn't smell that bad.) I sprayed on the floor mat but the smell 'bounced' back at me. I so felt like vomitting. A passerby saw me spraying the car and he must be thinking what the hell is this woman doing.

Roger came back and the smell still lingers on in the car. Cannot tahan la...I had to unwind the windows down and drove off with my face facing out of the window. In the meantime, Roger kept spraying the car with air freshener, hoping to eliminate the smell. Whoever took over the car, may God Bless You....

Moving off to something fresher : )

The birthday surprise trip to Bali has been made known to Husby. We are leaving in 3 days time... Can't wait!

01 January 2009

Goodbye and Welcome

What a New Year...

Last night was hectic...real real hectic. While most of you are out partying or at the comfort of your home, I was out there. Yes...out there...certainly not having fun. And for the rest who are also slogging during the transmission between 2008 and 2009, I feel for you too. *I don't even know what was on TV!*

We were all over...like mad dogs...Roger and I went to Pasir Ris and even Changi. Nope....not complaining. But we were really damn shagged. I was tired of driving around and Roger was tired of writing.

The night started with some minor struggles and by morning, in the wee early hours....a chase (which was not intended to be). Again, Roger and I were like mad dogs running around. My ankle hurts now - it's like that with old injury. It was fine before the countdown. The chaos only started after that...with people being drunk and unhappy over some issues. Scary but situation still under control I guess.

We were even stopped by one auntie, whom we thought were involved in a case of crime or something. But guess what she said?! She said that she was late and needed to get to home to rush for the countdown or something. *wah piang* She said no taxi would stop for her...maybe she was thinking that we would give her a lift or something. Kns.... In the end, she managed to stop another car and hitch a hike from the driver. Wth... my fellow countrymen?

I know that many fellow others are busy too, covering others - from Bedok going to Geylang, from Changi going to Pasir Ris etc... Good Job Good Job

My year ended with Roger, just the 2 of us. Pathetic and so lame. When the clock striked twelve and the date changed from 31.12.08 to 01.01.09, we were in the car. No countdown, no happy new year wishes. Well, what's so happy about the new year anyway...it is just another year of good and bad.

Bade farewell to 2008...2009...Welcome and may it be a good year ahead. No New Year Resolution... just "Love your spouse, cherish your family and friends and be good to others"