11 February 2009

Root Canal

I finally went through the root canal treatment. Something which I have been putting on hold for about 2 years. The dentists (plural) have been advising me to go through it but I have been delaying it because I was afraid of the pain.

Because of the badly infected tooth, I had about 3 relapses - major sharp pain..the last was when I was in Bali. Unbearable pain so that's it I thought. I am not going through another round of the pain. In order to save the tooth, I'd better go ahead with the root canal treatment.

When I came back from Bali, I visited the dentist. This time round, Dr James attended to me. I told him of the sharp pain. An X-ray was taken and it showed signs of infections in the surrounding bone of 2 tooth of mine (left molars). Because the root canals of those 2 tooth are crooked, Dr James referred me to their counterpart, which is located at Toa Payoh, as they do not have the proper equipments.

My appointment was set for 30/01/09 but I postponed it to today.

My worst nightmare finally came. I was at the dentist this morning. Dr Chng explained the whole procedure to me as well as the expected costs. She then used local anesthesia to numb the area near the tooth. It was supposed to make me feel feel relax and at ease but I was nowhere there. And in order to keep that area dry and free of saliva during the whole process, Dr Chng placed a rubber sheet (they call it rubber dam) over my mouth, making a cut only at those 2 infected tooth.

A hole was drilled into the 2 tooth and the pulp+bacteria+decayed nerve tissue were removed from the 2 tooth. She then cleaned them using root canal files...scraping and scrubbing the sides of the root canals. Damn...I won't say that it was painful, just damn uncomfortable. The mouth was numb and I had to open my mouth wide open for a full one hour plus. I kept looking at the clock on the wall wondering when will the whole thing be over.

Once they are thoroughly cleaned, they are sealed.

The whole treatment costs me about $1800/- for 2 tooth ($850 for each molar+gst).

I was told to wait for 2 weeks. Afterwhich, the assistant will call me to check on the progress. If all goes well, the assistant will refer me back to Dr James to proceed with the crowning+posting procedure (this will set me back by another 2k or so).

Until I am done with the crowning treatment, I have to minimize chewing on those 2 tooth.

Now I dread the thought of going back to the dentist again but I just have to complete this.

Now, my mouth is swollen. When I left the dentist this morning, people looked at me thought I had just been assaulted : )

I have another appoinment due on 25th...another thing that I have been putting on hold..my pap smear test.