31 March 2009

No thank you

I was in station this morning for some warning thing. When all was done, one of the fellas said to me, "Maam, that sir say he wants to see you again." Huh? I thought I did something wrong or what. I entered the room again, I was asked one question..."How want to join IB or not?"


He looked through my folder and said "Okay what...unless you tell me that you are married and have 4 children."

"Hee...married yes, children no...but still no thank you la sir. I do not want to people to keep calling me...Between IB and where I am right now, I prefer it there..."

"Well...if you change your mind then."

"Okay...see you again in 2 days time...for one more warning la."


29 March 2009

Happy 2nd Aqil

Aqil celebrated his 2nd birthday today. I couldn't make it due to work commitments...though I already bought his present. Nevertheless, I had to make my presence felt....so what I did was to order something online for him and have it delivered today, as a surprise...

...and that didn't come cheap too....just wanted to try out something new and I think that will look good at any party.

Hope he liked the balloons and sorry girlfriend for not being able to turn up....hope you all had a wonderful day.

I then received an MMS from his mum....

thank u for the gift aunty seri... hehe

27 March 2009

Shop Lagi

Just now, I left my car at White Sands and took a train to Tampines. Stupid? Crazy? or just weird? Not really actually. It is quite logical. Let me explain.

I was initially at White Sands as I wanted to buy a photo printer...you know those compact ones solely meant for printing photos?...but Challenger didn't have the one that I was looking for.

I decided to go over to Tampines but I didn't want to drive out from White Sands coz it was peak hour and I did not want to have to spend my time looking for a parking lot. The next best thing is to take a train and that's what I did. Within 10 minutes (plus walking time), I arrived at Tampines Mall. Faster right..

Besides buying the photo printer, I ended up buying presents for Kamilah's children too. She is celebrating Aqil's birthday tomorrow. Though I can't make it, I thought I just buy something and pass the present to her some other day. I wanted to shop some more but the stuffs that I was carrying were too bulky and the mall was packed. Wasted....Some other time maybe...

21 March 2009

S/C 2008

After a gruelling 3-week training...the competition finally came and go.

Break time

The guys trying to fix the video player

Ah-Lian studying hard

Bombarding questions to the 3 of them on the red couch

Lunch time = Nap time

Game time....concentrating on the screen looking for clues

Acting skills comes to play

Break time

On the day of the competition, us and the rest of the other division participants gathered in the theatre for a 'balloting session'...to see which division will go first, second and so on.

I was mentally prepared and no butterflies in my stomach either. Afterall, during these 3 weeks, I have drilled it into my head that it was either me or Cai Xia (50-50 chance). I thought that if they wanted someone more senior then it would be me, if they wanted someone more junior, then it would be Cai Xia.

You know...all these while, I had the impression that the organiser would be the ones who would pick and choose any of names from the list until.......the 'lucky dip' was conducted. Only then do I (as well as Cai Xia) realised that that was not going to be the case. I looked at Cai Xia and she looked at me. Die! Our fate lies there...in that bowl.

And to make matter worst, the WPO would be one of the first responder *heart beats extra super duper fast*...

No more turning back.

They started with the positioning (our division gets to go 5th) followed by the name of the WPO.... AND for once...I count myself lucky. I was not the chosen one (poor Cai Xia)! A whole load of burden suddenly off my back. Suddenly all that I had learnt for the past 3 weeks, I couldn't care less anymore.

This was followed by the announcing of the name of the guys (one first responder and two second responder).

During the announcing of the names, we realised that our division probably was the weakest (rank and seniority wise). While the other divisions had ssi, sss in the team, amongst the 4 in our division- the most senior is a ssgt 99 series and the others t3-t6 series.

My role immediately changed from being a participant to a reserve and supporter.

We did good on that day actually - getting 3rd highest score. But our overall position dropped to 6th as we lost marks in other segments. These segments were held one week ago.

MCQ & IM day..lunch time

As far as I am concerned, I am happy with the results. I was glad that it was a good job done during the scenario because we trained hard for that. Compliments to Cai Xia, Shaik, Jimmy and Ah-Goh.

Not forgetting - Yasser & Aris (MCQ) and Herwandy & Ah Lian (IM). A pat on the back for myself too for having survived throughout these 3 weeks and also for being an excellent supporter (yasser and I had great fun....teasing and jeering one of the divisions who tried to be funny with US during the Q & A sessions).

The stage for the scenario...from the supporters' view

Competition over.....I was back to team yesterday. It was a drag having to wake up at 0530hrs yesterday. I guess now I have to tune back my body system to shift hours work again. Extra work after work yesterday. Naturally, I became an illegal peddler. : ) My day or rather night ended at 2 plus in the morning and went to bed around 3 plus. Who says it is a 12-hr job?!

09 March 2009

Gym Class

I was at the gym just now...I love working out a sweat! Now that I am temporarily working office hours..with about 2 weeks left...it means that I can spare that extra time after work working out at the gym. Have to bear in mind that next month is IPPT...die die also must train.

Working office hours...bad bad bad....reason being, I eat more than I normally do when working shift. I eat before class starts (before 9am) and even during break/lunch time (about 10plus/1 plus).

For example today, I ate mi rebus for breakfast and 3-piece chicken meal during lunch time. Or that day, I ate mi soto for breakfast and rice during break time. During that short duration, I had 2 heavy meals. Crazy ar! I am so going to put on more weight and lose more money..Haha

When I was back in the team and working shifts, I rarely have breakfast or at most just some epok-epok or pau and only have my lunch about 3-5pm depending on the 'business' of the day. When I reach home, I normally don't even have dinner.

So when class ended, I went home first to change, then send husby to work and zoom to my workplace gym *f.o.c and with no disturbance from any m.o.p* *iloike* I need to concentrate more on my arms - to get rid of any flabbiness there - and also a bit on my stamina - need to gain that back for the upcoming 2.4.

I just remembered...I need to set an appointment for something...will call up tomorrow. No more procrastinating...

I am scared to see/know how much I would have to pay for the upcoming personal income tax. Looking at my income for last year plus all the bonuses+retention....fuhyooohhh.........I am so so so going to be broke. The cons of not having any children!!!

08 March 2009


My body have been itching ever since I got back from the Pulau Ubin trip. I wonder if there were any bugs that followed me home. Maybe bed bugs or something. I scrubbed myself when I reached home. The itch is still bearable but it is very annoying when I have to keep scratching myself especially while driving. This is all someone's fault! Whose smart idea was it to go to Ubin?!!

It has been a week since I was 'separated' from my team. 2 more weeks to go... The one thing I hate about being away is that you missed out on updates or things that require urgent attention. It is Sunday today...my off day. Yet, I turned up at my work place, after sending husby to work, just to do some rc matters. BORING and SO NO LIFE....

NEWS flash....my TL will be leaving soon...21st march will be his last day I heard. Which means, new TL. We keep changing TL and don't like it because each time a new TL comes, he/she will change the entire team system. And when we are finally getting used to that new system, that TL will leave and another one comes in...and the cycle starts all over again. This is especially so with SO TL because their posting will normally be temporary (so called for exposure and to gain experience). Afterwhich, they will be given another posting. Sigh....

06 March 2009

Whammy Slummy

I am still trying to get used to having a gap there...where my wisdom tooth used to be haa. Kind of ackward being naked there. No swelling no more bleeding. I have to finish up the antibiotics given though...something which I am not disciplined in.

Health wise...I have recovered from my tummy upset and headache. No more vomitting too. Might be the weather or even the season. Seems that everyone is fallin sick...stomach flu and all. Not good.

I received my pap smear results from the polyclinic. No signs of cervical cancer. Excellent!

I will be back to work on Monday. Back to whatever training - class or scenario...wth... They are preparing us for the upcoming s/c competition...something that I escaped many times. Once was when I fractured my ankle on the same day that I was told that I would be involved. Another time was last year, when halfway through the training, they had to stand down the whole event coz of MSK escape. This time round, the training ain't as hectic as last year...not as last minute too. Last year, we had to rush through so many things, that I think I would probably have a nervous breakdown if the whole thing did go through. We were rushing through the audit and the pdt training itself took a lot of time. This year...no pdt! A whole load off our shoulders... but that means more lessons and more scenario.... I hate going through this whole thing.

So I need to relax myself...watching a movie tomorrow with husby. Going to watch slumdog millionaire...heard that it's good, so not going to give it a miss. To town tomorrow! Long time never go 'jalan-jalan' there ~ bummer... : )

05 March 2009

Wisdom Tooth

I was awaken by a very sharp tooth pain about 1am. The pain was so excruciating that it felt as though my head was going to explode. This time round, the pain could be felt from my right top wisdom tooth all the way to my front tooth. Dammit.. I suspect that the pain was due to my wisdom tooth, which, my dentist had also advised me to have it extracted.

As you know, I just went through a root canal treatment for my two left bottom molar tooth. And now this...quite annoying actually.

I tried to force myself to sleep but wah piang...cannot bear with the pain. I managed to find the painkiller that the dentist prescribed to me the last time. It took a while before the painkiller took effect and made me asleep.

I went to work or rather training earlier in the morning, but before the class even started, I left. The painkiller had worn off so I went to the dentist, thinking of getting more painkiller and then set an appointment for the wisdom tooth extraction some other day. I did not expect to have the wisdom tooth extracted there and then. Having inspected my tooth, the dentist just said that he will have it removed. All I could say was 'Orh'...and the extraction began.

It was very fast...the fastest extractions ever. Not sure what the dentist did...when it ended, I took a look at the tooth that he had extracted...Wow...it had certainly gone bad. Was I glad that it's out.

Now I have problems eating. I can't munch hard food using my left side because I have yet to do the crowing after the root canal thinggy, so those 2 tooth ain't strong. I can't munch on my right side because it is still sore.

After the dentist visit, I went over to see my doctor. I have been having headaches and slight diarrhoea since last night and vomitting in the morning. And now I have so many medicine to eat...from the dentist and from the doctor. 2 days mc for me...back for training on monday.

Competition on the 19th....waste my time....