30 April 2009


I was at the doctor in the morning when a lady approached me. I remembered her on my visit two days ago..I remembered she was with her caucasion husband.

She asked, "Are you Indonesian?" and I replied, "No, I am a local."(in my mind...Not again!). "Oh sorry, your name sounded very Indonesian." (My name? She must have heard the nurse calling out my name that day). I said I was okay with it...not the first time anyway. Even those in Bali thought I was one of them. She asked if any of my parentage are/were Indonesian. Come to think of it....yah...My late grandfather was a Javanese...as in originated from there..simply PURE.

Even my former supervisor said that I looked EXACTLY like his maid (wah kow...kns). But that was then, when I first joined the team 6 years ago..with short hair and looking very unattractive. Maybe I still look like one now...but who cares.

She goes on talking so I listened...she's a PR and a housewife anyway...and she goes on talking about how she loves Singapore and how she prefer staying here as compared to in Australia. She said staying in Singapore is very convenient...from transportation to shopping to eating etc. You can have many children and still not worry coz you can easily get a helper aka maid. I guess she just left out the part where it is very very costly staying in Singapore. Either convenience and safety outweighs the financial part or she is just rich.

I love Singapore too. Although the weather goes haywire most of the time, we don't suffer any natural disasters like our neighbouring countries do. Overall Singapore is a nice place to stay in...but the PEOPLE....damnz. I always say "Singapore is a nice place to stay, it's the people that make it otherwise." It is okay to be kiasu people, just don't be ugly.

28 April 2009

Coming Up

I need a new hairstyle...many many weddings coming up. Need to look goooood... I can't be cutting my own hair all the time. No! I wasn't trying to save money, just plain lazy to go to the salon for a trim. Been trying to grow my hair longer and thought of cutting a V-shape and probably curl the ends. But now...kind of having a change of mind and just have a long layered or some sort. I am quite fickle minded. I don't know...We see how it goes. In the mean time, I am sourcing for a good salon. Anyone who intends to have your hair cut too, let me know! Maybe can join har...My hair is now shape-less..

Weddings...my brother and sister in laws weddings are coming up in june and my younger brother wedding in july.

I have not done my part yet for my in-laws weddings....my part will come before and on the wedding day itself. Will be busy for sure....

Thus far, I have only contributed to my brother's wedding....doing my part as an elder sister : ) What to do...my one and only younger brother. I have engaged my friend's service for the kompang and also sourced for the invitation cards, which also means that I am paying for those. It doesn't come to much actually but at least he need not come up a cent for those. I had to pay for those myself last time. I would also probably source for the cake too...have to check it out with mum on that. She'd better not tell me last minute...like she did during his engagement.

With my younger brother wedding coming....that leaves only my ehem ehem...abang dearest... my elder brother. Bila lagi??


24 April 2009

No Ride

I took a cab three times today. Acting like a rich tai-tai b****.... I couldn't drive today coz husby was using the car. When I left the house, my intention WAS to take the bus and the train and that I would take a cab home.

I stood at the bus stop and waited for the bus. When it finally came after so long, the bus was full with students. The weather was unbearable...very hot and very humid. I do not mind the hot part, it is the humidity that I can't stand. But errands had to be done. I need to look for my brother's invitation card and also buy a new set of uniform. I was told that they had ready-made ones so I thought of hunting for the shop.

Since owning a car, buses and trains are always the last on my list. That's it I said.... I hailed a cab to Joo Chiat. After that I hailed a cab to Beach Road. Finally I hailed a cab home. Lazy big ass... The only one thing I hate about taking a cab is....the driver's small talks...I know that they are only trying to be friendly but I hate it.


20 April 2009

Monday Blues

Today was IPPT day...many of us didn't take up the 'challenge' though and that includes me. Ha...not because I am scared like others : ) just that my old injury has been acting up of late. Could probably be because of the too-frequent-driving at work...could be, maybe... Ever since I sustained that injury, I can't afford to be driving all day...and I am referring to manual car lah...or else my left ankle will be in pain. I could still pass if I had participated today, but I want a silver because silver = MONEY MONEY! So I do hope that my ankle recover fast enough so that I can get this IPPT over and done with.

PDT recertification done today too...like what others said, it seemed more of a 'family business' just now...DTO - BIL, PDT Trainers - Husby and I... What can I say except that we are 'The Champs Family'.

Tonight, later - It's that time of the month again...ha! Not that time of the month lah...but that time of the month for this stupid meeting, where I will be bombarded with questions and stupid requests... When I signed on the dotted line, it wasn't made known that I have to attend this kind of meetings. Waste of time...

*Shit* I am late...


10 April 2009

Public Holiday?

I was switching channels just now and SURIA channel was 'alive' (means ada cerita la...). I looked at the clock...only noon leh and it is a friday. So I asked my mum, who came over to my house to pass me some food (no need to cook..yay!), "How come SURIA got programme...now what time only."

Mum said, "Today public holiday what...your dad also not working."

"Huh? What holiday?"

"Good Friday"

"Is it?" *blur*


08 April 2009



I shouted at some kids who were at the playground. Not because they were noisy la..but because they were playing with fire...and very innovative at that.

I was in the kitchen preparing food for husby when I heard some loud 'whoosh' sound. Initially I thought the cleaner was washing the block. But can't be because he just did that yesterday. So I looked down and saw these kids....one was holding onto an insecticide can and a lighter in his hands. He lighted the lighter and using the insecticide can, sprayed at the burning lighter in the direction of the bushes....to create a big flame. The bushes caught fire but the boy managed to put it off. Wah....and they are only about 10 years old or so leh.

I thought he was going to stop but no..he passed the 2 items to another friend..and the same thing happened. They then turned their attention to the playground and repeated the same thing. I was thinking whether to report or not. I didn't want the playground to catch fire. The playground directly behind the block only, separated by maybe a 5-footway...my house 3rd floor leh...

So I shouted at them...."Oii stop playing with fire"...(husby came into the room, wondering why his crazy wife is shouting). Those monkeys looked up at me. 3 of them fled...and 2 of them remained. I kept observing them and giving them the angry face. Gradually they left...about 5-10 minutes later. Stupid idiots...play with fire as though there aren't other things to play with.