28 June 2009

The day of the ex-es

So I am back from Kota Kinabalu (BKI).

The first day was kind of the 'meet-the-ex-day'.

On our departing flight to BKI, husby told me that the ticketing check in girl kind of looked familiar. She looked like one his ex-gf. He said the girl looked at him as though she knows him, but he wasn't too sure coz this girl was slightly plump... "No name tag?" I asked him. He said no... If he had told me earlier, I could have probably asked for him...Hehe...

So we landed in BKI and arrived at the hotel and so on...As we could not check in until 2pm, we walked around the mall next door. Surprise surprise....this time, I saw my ex-bf. He was with his wife and son (super duper cute)...I said to husby, "Look my ex-bf!"

I could probably said hi and bye but I didn't. I doubt he ever want to see me again after what happened, though it would be nice if we could remain as friends. Oh well.... I can't acknowledge the wife too coz I only know her in Facebook and she probably don't know who I am.

I always knew that the world is small...but I didn't expect it to be that small. Who would have thought that 2 foreigners would bump into each other in another foreign country...What are the odds!

So husby and I bumped into them quite a number of times at the mall (probably once on each day). Even his mum and I assume his youngest brother (all grown up) were there too.

Anyways, on the first night, since it did feel like the day of the ex-es...that became the topic of the night. We talked abut his and I talked about mine...what happened...why it didn't work out..and BOOBS! etc. Kind of cool actually....who would ever want to talk about their ex-es right?!

Hmm...BKI...all we did there was shop, eat, watch tv, dip in the bathtub and sleep...we shopped at the same mall everyday until the 2nd last day. I thought let's go venture to other malls. We took a cab (coz the free shuttle bus broke down) and headed to the Centrepoint Mall, Warisan Square Mall and Waterfront. We went to take a look at the view at Waterfront...coming to sunset so I took out the camera and husby snapped some photos. As I was looking at husby, I saw a head peering into my bag, which was unzipped by the way...I wished I had elbowed that fella...nothing got stolen though..coz my bag is full of junk..the precious items are mostly at the bottom, snugged under the junk items. He only probably saw my umbrella, brochures, make-up kit on top of my wallet and handphone.

We then chilled at Coffeebean (as always)...and also to use the WI-FI. After draining the handphone battery, we headed to the shuttle bus stop. Did not want to take a cab back... want to be like a typical Singaporean, something free must make full use right?! At the bus stop, we bumped into the Chinese family who queued in front of us at the ticketing check in counter in SIN. Wah...the place so big still can bump into them ar!

We didn't go to Mount Kinabalu to take a look coz 1st I was feeling lazy, 2nd it rained in the night so we thought it would probably be wet all over. We didn't go for any of the tours either...I was just being plain lazy.

No souvenirs for everyone too...coz nothing nice to buy for all of you. : (

Like any other place, I never leave without getting for myself a/some magnet/s. I am a magnet freak.

Looking back, the only time we actually shopped, walked non-stop was in Bangkok. We shopped till we dropped and also broke lah (until "will we have enough for the BTS ticket?"). I want to go back to BKK!!! but not until the "war" there has died down. Otherwise, I would probably go to KUL for our next shopping trip. Not any time soon though...most likely next year *cross fingers*

Going on a holiday is a very tiring thing for me....coz I do everthing. Right from the planning to the unpacking. I decide on where to go, which hotel to stay, what kind of room, how many days and nights, budget, airport transfer if any, packing of the bag, checking in/out, tickets....and even the unpacking. Husby has it easy..."anything", "up to you", "ok".... I told him, "what will you do without me..I think you will be lost in the lalangs". He agreed *good boy* : )

Reaching SIN, home sweet home....I always love our airports.... I was observing this one Caucasion couple and heard the lady said,"Eh nice..", referring to our Airport.. I smiled.


Happy 52nd Birthday to DAD on 14th June..

Happy 29th Birthday to BRO on 18th June..

Happy 48th Birthday to MUM on 23rd June..


21 June 2009



The two in-laws weddings are finally over and done with. Liza & Zali, Faizal & Norizah have tied the knot at last. Best wishes from us...and may all of you be blessed with a happy and lasting marriage and of course be blessed with many many children.... : ) It seems that someone else is getting engaged!

One more wedding to go....which is of course going to be more tiring for me. Next month, my younger brother will tie the knot....He is the one getting married but mum and I are the ones busy with the preps. So far, things I have contributed and will be contributing are the wedding cards, the cupcakes for the hantaran and the kompang. I will also need to help with decorating the hantaran stuffs for him, the bunga rampai and the bunga manggar, which means I have to go shopping for all these stuffs.

Another getaway for me and husby this coming wednesday. Going to BKI for the first time. Not sure what's there but something new from KUL. If this place turns out to be a bore, we will probably stick to KUL and BKK...shopping wise I mean. This getaway will be the last for the year too coz we are kind of running out of leave and money. Been spending quite a lot on one other important thing.

And the fact that we are not getting any bonuses..it certainly will tighten our finance. And news has it that we might not even get our year end 13th month bonus. Sucks right?! Plus with husby...double impact! Especially when I am expecting a very high income tax to be paid for this year. Want to complain also cannot... I guess no bonus is better than having them slashed our salary.

Baby news wise - My bunk mate Adz has given birth to a healthy baby boy, My girlfriend Saidah and cousin Zakiyah are currently pregnant with their first child, many of the ladies at work are also pregnant...too many to list out heee...

Husby and I are contemplating on what our next car should be. Mazda 3? Honda City? Honda Civic? We can't change the car as yet coz still too early but I am so looking forward for that day... hands itchy already...maybe in 2 years time.....itchy itchy itchy