30 January 2010

No problemo? My foot!

I am pissed. To the core, to the mantle and what have they.

Problem #1
First, my email account gets hacked into and some idiots had been sending spam emails using my email account to god knows who.

Solution #1
Problem resolved (at least for now)..ever since I changed my password to a super duper long one.

Problem #2
I was conned by a rogue anti-spyware program called Internet Security 2010 (want to know more about this, google it up). I have been tricked into thinking that my computer have been infected...resulting in me purchasing this spyware. How I got this? I think it was due to an email that I had opened up because that's when I get the the black screen and fake security alerts. ( I don't know, if you are a computer expert, you tell me)

Solution #2
I have been using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to scan my computer on a daily basis if possible to remove whatever there is in my computer system. Now a bit kiasu, PC Tools Spyware Doctor and Ad-Aware installed too...don't know for what but who cares.

Problem #3
Related to Problem #2...because I had used my debit card (luckily not credit card) for the rogue programme, I would have to cancel my card and probably get a new card. Unfortunately, I have not gotten the time to do just that. Received a letter from the bank with regards to some overseas transaction of well...USD 2.62 (I don't remember using my debit card for this small amount) and they suspected that it could have been an unlegitimate transaction. So now my card has been placed on a temporary referral (i.e. any subsequent transaction made will be referred to the bank for approval first...which is of course good for me).

Solution #3
Called up the bank again, and they will get the fraud control department to get back to me and I could probably find out more. I don't even know what the transaction date is. I told the bank to carry on with the temporary referral status until I speak to the fraud control department to confirm this. Luckily I had already transferred my money into my other bank. I really need to cancel this card! Matter still not resolved yet at press time.

Problem #4
I can't install my Norton Internet Security 2009 on my computer. Each time, I will be prompted...'Installation not finished.....bla bla bla....restart computer...bla bla bla'....but still cannot install.

Solution #4
Cluessless still....Help!

Problem #5
My credit card payment of 500 bucks has not been received by the bank concerned. A late fee of 50 bucks was charged for the 'late payment'. Payment was made thru AXN machine and a deduction has already been made by my the other bank.

Solution #5
Called up the bank and explained to them the problem. A waive has been given so far. Emailed to AXS about the problem and waiting for them to call me asap for further clarifications or explanation. Matter still not resolved yet at press time.

Problem #6
What else....Work

Solution #6
There can never be a solution. Carry on working unti I can figure out something.

Problem #7
Lack of sleep and no work life balance

Solution #7
Quit...but you will get bored not doing anything and having no money to spend to even have a life...this will probably result in another problem. So I guess this is not a solution after all.


14 January 2010

His 31st at Phuket

I have not been to work since the 7th....SYIOK ah! But it will not be long...2 more days and I shall have to step foot at that 4-storey rectangular shape building again.

Let's talk about Phuket instead...work always spoil the fun.

We went to Phuket for the 3rd time...this time to celebrate husby's birthday. The first time we went to Phuket was to celebrate my birthday and the second time, was for our 2nd mini honeymoon.

Once again, we went to Patong Beach, a place and surrounding, where we are very much familiar with, so there is no need for a familiarisation exploration.

I had wanted to go island hopping this time such as Phi Phi Island...but husby didn't want to. Errgh...spoiler. I had already braved myself up before the trip and thought that I would try out the scuba diving thinggy coz it looks fun... : (

You see....Both of us aren't big fans of sea water....or the open sea rather. I am fine with open sea as long as I am on something like kayaking, dragon boating etc...and it doesn't involve swimming (coz I get leg cramps in cold water and sea water gives me rashes on my legs). Husby on the other hand, doesn't like to be associated with the open sea. I think you can call it a phobia... he gets a bit uncomfortable.

We spent most of our money on food instead....since there are so much more halal restaurants now than there were before.

Had a dip in the pool, which I had to force him to go in. Cold water + husby = resistance.... I don't like cold water either...but hey, it gets warmer once you get in the pool mah.... While in the pool, I begged him and even splashing water at him, "Come ah...come and swim...join me...I am the only idiot swimming alone, while the others have company"...It didn't work. : P He continued lying by the pool and reading his magazine, smiling at me. To stop me from splashing water, he took my Harry Potter book as cover. Smart ass!

I came up from the pool, went over to him..forcefully tried to push him into the pool. Of course, I wasn't strong enough to make him budge. So I did the next best thing...Tried to pull his shorts with him into the pool... : ) He gave in finally... The whole experience is like = trying to get a cat into the pool.

We went to the spa too...for foot reflexology as well as thai herbal massage. OMG! I read the description wrongly for the thai herbal massage...I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. A lot of pulling, stretching, bla bla bla... I ended up with a stiff left shoulder blade....Well, an experience I suppose..

We went to the FANTASEA thinggy finally...after our 3rd trip here. Even for gold seat tickets, the seats were very cramped..even for a shorty like me. I liked the part where the animals are involved though...the goats, the birds etc...they are just so adorable.

To celebrate husby's birthday, we went to the beach, where we have been observing people lighting lanterns since the first day we arrived. I thought it would something different..... for him to make a wish upon the lighted lantern, which will then be blown away to who knows where. He did...told him to make a wish...and there goes the lantern up up and away. On the way back to the hotel, stopped by Starbucks, bought a blueberry crumble cupcake, chocolate brownie, dark cherry mocha frap and mango frap. Whilst in the hotel, we used matches for the candles and celebrated by the balcony.

Sometime after, the hotel receptionist called and said that they will be delivering a complimentary birthday cake and a fruit basket to the room...for "Mr Fazil" birthday.

We took a tuk tuk to Premium outlet on the last day...they have stores like Adidas, Nike, Wacoal...bla bla bla...there. Affordable but Expensive. I mean, something that you could probably buy here in Singapore too. But the bra I bought was pretty cheap. Hehe..

On the last day, I didn't want to go back. It has been so relaxing...Husby said, "Can why not...since you already blended in"...Pfft...He was making fun of me coz everybody spoke to me in Thai..the cashier, the massage ladies.... Our conversation will normally begin with me replying "Huh?"...and they said, "Kun Thai?"..."No"...."*laughing and giggling away feeling embarasses* Sorry....thought u Kun Thai"....


02 January 2010

The past and the present year

Welcome ME back!

My first post for the year...my 2009 posts ended in July.

Haiz been extremely busy. They say, life is boring and it is up to you to make it interesting. BUT how do I make my life interesting when I don't even have time for myself. I spent my National Day at the carpark, my 2-days-before-Xmas at the carpark and New Year Eve at the carpark. Don't ask me why...I didn't have a choice (so who said my job is interesting?? I will beat you to a pulp).

Dec 2009 - I saw and interact with my team mates more than with my families. I have yet to visit my in-laws, my parents...I only work, sleep, work, sleep

With so many events to be held this upcoming months...with GE, with F1, with YOG...and the extra work that is being planned SPECIALLY for us, I can foresee what my 2010 will be like. I am now doubtful about my plans to study in July, worried about being overload with work and having to juggle with studies at the same time.

Never did I realise many years back, when I signed on the dotted line, it meant the end of my public holidays... In other job line, if you don't like your job, you can choose not to come at all and get sacked. If I were to do that, I will be labelled 'AWOL'. Damn...I have been leaving my previous part time jobs without even saying good bye!

The things thatI am looking forward to in 2010 are:
1) to spend my husby's birthday in Phuket (a place with many sweet memories, a place where we spent our first holiday together) (6 more days to go! yippee!)
2) to get better PB
3) to get better bonus
4) to get better pay
5) to get my 8th-year retention payout (and of course husby's 10th-year retention bonus too!)
6) to get transferred out of team (I wished!)
7) to spend more time with husby and our families

Overall it was a great 2009....if not for work.....

I miss everyone : (