15 March 2010

NPC cat ordeal


I was told that the 'npc' cat (a cat with no name) had injured one of her legs. When I came back to work, I saw the cat limping. Although the cat has always irritated the hell out of me (always asking for food...many times a day), I could not stand to see her in that state. Something had to be done. I found out that the cat was ran over by a car. Let us not get into the details on how, why, when, who...Although a name had been mentioned, I now feel that I should not be accusing anyone since I did not see it with my own eyes. I was angry at first, yes, but I believe in "let bygones be bygones", "touch your heart" and bla bla bla..... It has already happened, so let us just rectify the problem on hand.

Kenny & Khairul, sent the cat to a nearby vet. It was then made known that the bone had broken into 2 (imagine a pencil being broken into 2...that's how Khairul illustrated to us). The vet advised her to go through surgery a.s.a.p to have it mended. The estimated cost was $2K. *shucks*

So we began with our 'donate-to-the-cat' foundation. No matter small or big, we accepted with many thanks (coz 'lama lama nanti jadi bukit'). I decided to just go ahead and confirm the appointment, whether or not, we can collect the targeted amount. Money wise, later can talk.

We managed to raise about $1800 in total....inclusive of mine and Khairul's share.

The injury had worsened - the bones had by now broken into pieces. Pins etc had to be inserted (meaning the cost of the surgery is definitely going to be more than expected). Her leg is now in a cast and she is meowing and growling in pain. She is definitely cranky. The staff asked, "She recognise you or not?" and I said, "She'd better ar...coz I've been spending my money and feeding her." But I guess she does recognise me coz she quitened down when I looked at her and talked to her.

The surgery was about $2400 in total but we were given a discount, all thanks to Khairul. Instead, we had to pay $2K. I am not sure what he said or begged... : ) Afterall we were just trying to do a good deed by saving a stray cat, who shamelessly made the npc her home. I topped up the balance, so that we can settle the bills once and for all. For some, it may not be worth it, but I still stand by my principles..."it's only a cat" some might say. I might have to tighten the belt and sacrifice 'shopping' for the moment, but it feels good to know that the cat's problem is settled...for now.

Thank you to all of you and also friends/family members of the officers, who had selflessly donated a portion of their hard earned money (like I said, big or small, it is deeply appreciated). Thanks to Khairul and family too for helping to house the cat for the moment and for the trouble taken to care for the cat temporarily.

I pray that God bless all of you for your good deeds and charity.