18 May 2010

Farewell - for team Alpha


Dear fellow colleagues,

15.05.10 was my last day at Tampines NPC, my second home for the past years. : (

I can't tell you how difficult it is to describe how sad I am about leaving. It is hard to have to leave after 7 over years especially when this place holds sentimental memories of me and my husband. Despite the ups and downs, I am proud to have been a part of Tampines NPC. It had been a challenging as well as a life-changing post for me since day one.

When I was first posted here in February 2003, I never thought that I would be so connected to the team (a warm community of people) and even to this rectangular 4-storey building.

All of you have helped me through my journey here – we shared the sorrow during difficult times and laughter during joyous times.

For me, my journey here wasn’t all smooth and eventful. Afterall, I was one of the 7 wonders (of TP). I cannot describe how tough it was at that time. Yes, it was demoralizing but we survived. It has been 3 over years and here we are, still standing strong. I believe that life is filled with adversity but it’s how you react to it that matters. When in adversity, we have to change our attitude from negative to positive and do not be discouraged by setbacks. Be classy through triumph and failure. Nevertheless, you will face obstacles and the key to moving past them is to never give up.

18.05.10 - I will be embarking on my new journey and starting a new phase of my career at a hopefully, full of yet-to-be realised opportunities place. I will be in a strange limbo but I hope to be able to connect to my new team mates, just as I had with all of you.

I reserve my special thanks to the following people whom I have worked closely with, my fellow Team Alpha officers.

Sir Ivan – Thank you for your trust in me in handling the leave/mc and preparing the roster. You are a great Team Leader and you will be missed too when you leave. I would like to wish you all the best in advance, for your next posting. Hope to be able to work with you again.

Mr Ong – I know you will miss me bullying and torturing you and my crappiness. Thank you for your guidance boss. Please don’t speak like a “drunkard” during briefing and stop acting busy 24/7 inside the office. I pity your partner haha.

Abg Shaik – My first partner when I first joined the team and also one of the 7 wonders. We were the suay ones, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But life still goes on, so stay positive! Stop gossiping like a woman!

Kung Fu – My PLO and APLO for Vista RC and my former partner in deployment/leave/mc. We are the ones people hate to receive calls from before shift starts (in case they have to be called back to work) haha. Now that I have left, I handover my RC and deployment shit back to you. Continue doing the good job with Chow. Madelyn will be happy to know that you are back in Vista. No more my perfume smell at the staircase!

Abg Alfian – “Abang”, Faisal’s favourite phrase. The man who always headed to the toilet, immediately after he eats. The team will be boring without you. You bring life to the team, with your jokes and nonsense. I will forever remember the time when you acted “possessed” when Evelyn the crazy woman came to npc.

Chow – The one who first … (secret you know I know haha) and my last partner during my last day in npc. My deployment officer partner – I know it’s not easy doing the deployment. People tend to hate us, but be thick skin. I hope you can find yourself a new best FRC partner in no time. If you want to hear the “ni wa wa” song, call me!! No more “small butt” in Alpha!

Faisal – my first ride partner. Though it was the longest trip from Bedok to Tampines, I appreciate your offering (not like the rest who left without me!) I have seen you exploded (in size) throughout these years. You are a nice guy who love a simple life. Please remember to zip up and stop scratching.

Daren – a.k.a Doctor or Abang. I hope your suayness has turned for the better ever since you are in Alpha. If others bully you, fight back! One advice- please stop repeating what you say : )

Ana – My gossip partner. I am the small butt and you are the big butt. A happy-go-lucky girl. Any hot news in the team, don’t forget to tell me!

Joe – Things may have soured between us but we were colleagues afterall. I wish you all the best in whatever you do.

Nazeer – If you have a camera, get it away from him, or you will see him in almost every picture. The one you should never bet on your life on haha. I know, I know you want to show off your muscles, but please not in every photos! The one and only - to go shopping at Giant with me. Good luck in your degree education at SIM bro!

Alex – the ah-beng of the team. Da Jie advice - stop playing LAN games and stay awake at work you lazy bum bum. I know you miss me because you can no longer quarrel with me in the car. Not that I want to go, I was kicked out : (

Shahmee – Life in npc is not the same as your ns life in traffic. Try to learn as much as you can from your seniors.

Tay – We didn’t really get to bond for long. Don’t let the regulars bully you though. Good luck!

I wish all of you the best and continue to find value and meaning in what you do. Do help each other out as a team.

Keep Tampines flag flying high!