25 November 2010


The past few months had been very hectic. I have more hang-out friends now. In the past, the usual suspects when it comes to gathering would be my old secondary school girlfriends. Now my gathering friends have extended to my husband's friends who have now become my friends. These new-found friends are forever planning for something. We've had birthday celebrations, bbq, went to Jb for go-kart, a short getaway to Batam and the most common activity would be shisha-ing at Arab Street and spending time with their remote control cars. There's more activity to come with the upcoming Team Boltz Anniversary. My friends would say, "Wah Seri, I see you now happening like dat. Everytime got things to do." Oh well....

I found myself feeling more stretched out than before and I am missing my girlfriends. I need to have a meet-up with the babes, their men and their boys and girls.

A s for now, I need ideas...ideas ideas ideas

It is the time of the month when I would be racking my brain planning for his birthday. For the past years...his birthday present would be in the form of overseas trip. I dislike planning for birthdays in Singapore because I tend to run out of ideas on where to go and what to do.

I am still deciding on whether to stick to the usual destinations or venture out to other places, whether to go for rest & relax or shopping getaway and whether to opt for a fancy villa with private pool or the common hotel room.

Now that the bonus for the year end is out, I am planning out my budget...having to set aside some of the money for mum & dad plane tickets to australia, to pay my still-not-yet-finished-loan to my brother, saving up for the near future car and of course some savings for rainy weather.

These are my creations for his past birthdays.

This is a so-called last minute preparation for his birthday card. I didn't have anything to work on so I just brushed on some silver paint onto a hard thing (whatever that is) and wrote on the 'card'.

This is a better looking project. Well, that's because I used this idea before but with a bit of improvements here and there.

That aside...more updates...

2011...another major wedding for my family. My elder brother will be tying the knot next year. Insya-Allah. It would probably be a simple wedding, as my elder brother is not hyped up about big weddings. I am praying for no major disease like last time when H1N1 affected a mojority of my team mates., which resulted in me, not being able to witness my younger brother's solemnisation.

Work-wise, my ordeal will end next year. I am crossing my fingers that no other bad luck will befall me until then or ever again. Especially now when it feels like are always more prone to complaints and that we are working in time bomb, just waiting to go BOOM! People always asked me whether is it better being in or out and my answer is always the same..."Each has its pros and cons"... At the very least I have tasted both worlds.

2010 went too fast. In fact, the past few years seemed to have gone past just like that. Especially in this fast pace nation that I am residing in, where time is money.