31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Team Boltz 2nd Anniversary just went past.

We celebrated it with a simple dinner at Simpang Bedok and a short session of prawning at Pasir Ris Farm Way.

Simple is enough.

The company that turned up makes it a difference between boring simple and joyful simple. But of course as always, it's the latter.

And where there is cake + Jas...it is = sabo time!

We made a mess of the place but we are responsible people. We cleaned up the mess...picking up the pieces of cake that were left on the floor. Some people wouldn't even bother.

Contented and full, we left the place for a session of prawning. Ayang is beginning to show interest in prawning of late.

I am not really into fishing or prawning as I do not like the idea of seeing live things being captured. But I do stick around and join in the fun. Contradicting I know.

I especially do not like to watch documentary on wild life animals pouncing on their prey. I find it gory. Even though I know that it is normal. Natural life cycle.

2010 is coming to an end. Big deal. 2011 is just another year...another 365 days of work shit load. Another year of getting older. But as always, I only look forward to holidays, weddings and what not. Aug 2011 in particular...waiting for the debarment to be lifted. Shit that I landed myself into.

Only praying for a happy marriage, for my family and friends to be in great health, better finance.

So for those who are looking forward to celebrating the new year with a great bang, have a great time but remember safety comes first. Take care of your belongings. Take care of your body. I will be embracing the new year in bed.

Goodbye 2010!


12 December 2010

Love is all around


I may not have a perfect life and I may not be free of sins.

To those that I have hurt, I am sorry. For the mistakes that I have could have avoided, I learn from them.

No one is perfect. If this is how my life story has to be, I will readily go through it.

But I am grateful.

I am grateful that I have a beautiful family...beautiful in-laws.


I am grateful for the bautiful friends that I have. I am grateful for any friendship that developed over time, be it BFFs, be it colleagues, be it just a facebook friend.


What more can I ask for? I am satisfied.


10 December 2010



But the money won't stay in the bank for too long. The holiday expenses are taking up 1/3 of it.

To all fellow civil servants, enjoy your bonuses...but do remember:

  • pay your debts

  • save a bit for rainy days

**Credit Bureau screening coming up...do not be trapped in the danger zone (financial embarassment)


That aside, waiting for the arrival of my new car grill. Since COE is going insane lately and I can't change my car anytime soon. I guess I will just need to do some modification instead.

Waiting waiting.....


06 December 2010


Oh yeshhh ar! Next month holiday has been confirmed! We are going back to where we always feel we belong to - Patong Beach, Phuket : ) Dear husband, please enjoy the holiday that I so dearly painstakingly planned just for you *love*love*love* Happy 32 next month!

If I can afford the time away from work as often as I want to, that will probably be the only destination that my dear darling husband would want to go.

I think for my next, next or next birthday, I would want him to bring me to ermm New Zealand, Switzerland, Maldives or Denmark! Haha... I miss NZ woohoo.. the freezing cold weather where I need not have to shower geeezzzz haha, where my cousins and I all slept under the heater when the heater does not seem to generate enough warmth for us, where we could eat nothing but fish & chips, fish & chips and fish & chips...

Life is getting shorter...we really need to venture out more dear husband. We've been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand....I am so bringing you to Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and the list goes on, one of these days...

Let me list the places that I have been thus far:

Malaysia - JB, Kota Kinabalu, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur
Indonesia - Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Bintan, Batam
Australia - Gold Coast
New Zealand - Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Queenstown...???
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah
Turkey - Istanbul
Thailand - Bangkok, Phuket

So I must admit, the list is a bit boring...so must travel more all over the world...much more to see and experience. Give me more money, more bonuses and more leave days!!

Count Down to Phuket! Phuket! Phuket!


03 December 2010

Sick Bird

The flu bug has hit me. I was fine yesterday morning until it rained so heavily. The next thing I knew, I was sneezing profusely, a tell-tale sign of me falling sick.
This is the amount of tissue paper I used within 5 minutes.
I went to bed hugging not my pillow, but a tissue box. Really,I was! I woke up with the box lying comfortably next to me.
My necessities for the day:
fluffy pillow, vicks, box of tissue and of course a hot cup of milo...

I ran out of my flu medicine so I only popped paracetamol and some cough syrup. Hopefully it is enough to shoo germs away.
Until then, I need to get some more rest.