31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Team Boltz 2nd Anniversary just went past.

We celebrated it with a simple dinner at Simpang Bedok and a short session of prawning at Pasir Ris Farm Way.

Simple is enough.

The company that turned up makes it a difference between boring simple and joyful simple. But of course as always, it's the latter.

And where there is cake + Jas...it is = sabo time!

We made a mess of the place but we are responsible people. We cleaned up the mess...picking up the pieces of cake that were left on the floor. Some people wouldn't even bother.

Contented and full, we left the place for a session of prawning. Ayang is beginning to show interest in prawning of late.

I am not really into fishing or prawning as I do not like the idea of seeing live things being captured. But I do stick around and join in the fun. Contradicting I know.

I especially do not like to watch documentary on wild life animals pouncing on their prey. I find it gory. Even though I know that it is normal. Natural life cycle.

2010 is coming to an end. Big deal. 2011 is just another year...another 365 days of work shit load. Another year of getting older. But as always, I only look forward to holidays, weddings and what not. Aug 2011 in particular...waiting for the debarment to be lifted. Shit that I landed myself into.

Only praying for a happy marriage, for my family and friends to be in great health, better finance.

So for those who are looking forward to celebrating the new year with a great bang, have a great time but remember safety comes first. Take care of your belongings. Take care of your body. I will be embracing the new year in bed.

Goodbye 2010!


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