19 January 2011


Spring cleaning my files and my 1998 O Level Results catches my eyes.

All these years, I always wonder. Not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

How in the world can a so-called Science student attained these kind of grades.

Pure Physics: C6
Pure Chemistry: F9

Wahkaozz...what a failure. My science teachers probably had a heart attack back then. No 100% pass in Pure Chemistry, all thanks to me : )

I copied my homework. And even during science practical, I copied the answers from those sitting at the bench behind me. I only liked doing the practical, but not answering the questions.

I tried my best, but the book was too thick for me. It made me go crazy.

I don't understand all those stupid equations no matter how hard I tried. My text book became my sketch book during class. Physics was easier to learn but I studied at the very last minute. I guess C6 is considered good enough. Otherwise, it could have been another F9 on the report card.
The word 'tuition' does not exist in my family. My parents never sent us for tuition..never...not when I was sitting for my P4 streaming, not when I was sitting for my PSLE...never.... I did well for my PSLE though. Good enough for me...one star, 2A and 1B.

Until now, I survived on self study, even if my grades were not up to standard.
The same kind of luck lingers even when I was in polytechnic. Last minute homework aka copy -the-smart-kids-homework. Yet I pulled through my 3 years with no failures in any of the subjects.

LuckilyI did not become a teacher. Or else I would probably see many students who are like me and each time, I would be reminded of the lazy me.


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