18 January 2011

The First

It's only January.....and yet I have lesser money and leave days than I should have.

And it all boils down to having his birthday and our wedding anniversary in the same month. But it's cool...all in the name of love and fun.

It has been a week since his birthday. We had an awesome time in Phuket. Hopefully on his next birthday, we shall venture elsewhere, somewhere further probably. But the thought of taking longer leave when the year just started scares me. We'll talk about it when 2012 comes.

He had his pre-birthday sabo some time before his birthday. Sabo #1 was having cake smeared all over his face. Sabo #2 was 2 days ago....ice cubes in his pants.

Tradition within the group of friends...or should I say it's revenge. Everyone gets their fair share on their birthday, be it advance or belated.

Our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up next.

Time flies....it's been 7-8 goods years of sharing our life together as a couple and I am loving each and every moment together. Of course we have our ups and downs. What matters is how we overcome each obstacle.

My plan of going to Australia with mum and dad has been cancelled. I could not get any leave slots in June. But my intention of sending them to visit my aunt there is still on. They can have their honeymoon there hehehe...Whenever you are ready Mum & Dad just let me know and I will get the tickets for you.

January has been stupendous for me. Looking forward to many other good months in 2011.

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