22 January 2011


22nd January 2011

I am disappointed that today didn't turn out well. The plans that I had didn't even take place.

So when turns did not turn out the way I would like it to be, I become cranky, moody...and that is ME.

And as always, when I am cranky, he will follow my mood....and when he is "in my mood", he will drive like shit. When he drives like shit, I will become more cranky.

With all the crankiness in me nearing its peak, nothing can make it better, not even if you are the president. At most, I will give you my plastic fake smile on my face.

Our dinner only made it worst. The food that I ordered had my most hateful ingredient in it - mushroom. OMG! Crankiness level - definitely maximum! No point changing coz the waiter said and I quote, "That's the only sauce we have"..this means, even if they take back my plate, at most they will only physically remove the mushrooms and give me back the same plate, which kind of like defeat the purpose.

So, Ayang was left eating on his own, while I sat there, giving my most hateful face ever to anyone who passes by the restaurant.

I am still pissed of with today, but as of now, my crankiness level has gone down to 50%.

Whatever it is, Happy 5th Ayang. ILY.

His creations during our dating days

The only thing that made me smile today is being at my buddy's wedding reception. It has been so long since we last saw each other. He is finally married to the girl of his dream and I am very happy for him. No more single-mingle my friend. Welcome to the club! : )


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