20 January 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is 4pm now.

I am alone at home. Ayang is away at work, on Thaipusam duty.

So I am doing some spring cleaning.
I am now at laundry #3... will be going to set #4 soon. Yes..I have that much of laundry to do today. Today is a good day to do the laundry. The sun is up.

I am frigging hungry now.

There's nothing in the fridge for me to cook besides eggs. I do not feel like going out to buy anything. I have tonnes of things to do at home today.

Maybe I'll just have the basic best meal ever...white rice and an an omelette, with black soya sauce (kicap cap kipas) yum yum yum. Oh wait..I can have sardines too.

I will do just that...NOW..


Wow....I just had the best meal ever. I am so full and hyped up. Energy has been refilled in my system. Time to do more work.

Laundry #3 is done. Bedsheets changed. I vacuum as I go along...Need to make sure there's no dust or else I will be sneezing all through the day.

Multi-tasking as always... blogging, watching tv and cleaning up

Still deciding whether to change the curtains or not. I am loving the pink, black and white combinations that I have now.

I need to clear the store room, my cupboard, my files and probably my wardrobe too...get rid of all unused clothings that are taking up the space.
The time now is 5pm.

I think I will start with the store room first. Wish me luck.


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