30 July 2011

Goobye Ops Team Alpha - Goodbye G Div

The countdown is finally over. T02358 is now history and for the next 2 months, I am NOT unemployed : ) but a full-time housewife. The wonders of being a wife, you don’t get to be unemployed.

So once again, I find myself writing my goodbye, only this time; it is not a transfer posting...it is for good.  As I drove out of the station, it dawned on me, that this is it! No more turning back. You can either see it as a brave move or merely stupidity.

To me, I am only pursuing something that has caught my interest recently. And knowing me, my interest in something does not come by easily. Just as how I decided to become a police officer, that is exactly how I decided to be an early childhood educator.

18th May 2010 – I embarked my new journey in Ops Team.

29th July 2011 – I ended my journey, not only in Ops Team, but as a law enforcer.

As much as I am excited about leaving, a part of me feels sad. Sad, about having to leave a good company of friends. Friendship, which bonded over a short period of time.

Though the work may suck at times here...in CO at least, since that is my “specialty’’....YOU my friends, are the ones that make me want to come to work, not the work itself (NO WAY!!).

With this, I would like to extend my utmost appreciation, to all of you, who have showed me the ropes and guide me, to make me the officer I was during my short stint in Ops Team. I learnt from each one of you. Each of you played a role in showing me the ropes – be it my seniors as well as my juniors, be it regulars or ns. I did my best in learning as fast as possible and carrying out my job to my best ability. From not knowing anything about being a PIC officer, I had grown to learn so much to be the officer that I was. If I was ever good at all, the credit goes to you. But should I fail to perform in any way, I do apologise. And of course, if I had offended anyone with my jokes, my naggings, my actions or what have you, do forgive me.

I shall always remember my life in CO. It was all about the biker boys with their forever bike topics, the 3 stooges who ganged up against me, my gossip female partner who when we get together, it will be chaos, my wonderful SC brothers who are forever nagged at by me and not to forget, my not well-liked singing : )

You...the dudes and the babes are superb! I will definitely miss all of you.  

Team Alpha has always been the best so do keep team Alpha flag soaring high as always.  As for me, I shall find new peeps to torture with my naggings and singing.

Adios Ops Team Alpha...till we meet again.